Ahsan stands a ‘desirable risk’ of triumphing in the medal

Ahsan Teenage cueist is the handiest participant representing Pakistan at World Games in Birmingham; faces Elsayed withinside the first fit.

Ahsan Ramzan Pakistan:

KARACHI: Teenager Ahsan Ramzan triumphing in the medal is the handiest participant representing Pakistan at World Games 2022 taking vicinity in Birmingham, Alabama.

The sixteen-year-antique from Lahore booked his vicinity on the Games after being topped the International Billiards and Snooker Federation triumphing in the medal World Champion in March wherein he was taken aback by his competition together along with his prowess in the game.

One of the standards for competing in the World Games is that a participant desires to be a few of the excellent and at the pinnacle of his discipline.

Ahsan will play Ahmed Aly Elsayed in his first fit of the last-sixteen withinside the snooker championship on July 13.

Ahsan is gambling withinside the pre-quarter-finals and it’ll be a knockout fit with an excellent-of-5 frame. triumphing in the medal He left for America on July eleven and was an education in Karachi.

According to the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association authentic and global referee Naveed Kapadia, Ahsan has been in desirable shape and there are desirable probabilities of him taking the podium.

Ahsan Ramzan
Ahsan stands a ‘desirable risk’ of triumphing in the medal

“He is the handiest participant from Pakistan withinside the World Games 2022, triumphing in the medalhe is likewise the youngest a few of the competition withinside the championship,” Kapadia informed The Express Tribune.

“His probabilities are great, and triumphing in the medal we’re hopeful that he’s going to get the medal due to the fact while he gained the IBSF World Championship he did show his mettle and there is a great risk of him triumphing the medal.”

Kapadia in addition delivered that Ahsan skilled for 10 days earlier than the occasion whilst he’s observed with the aid of using the previous participant and PBSA vice-president Abdul Wahid.

Pakistan does now no longer have an education for the gamers who constitute the united states on the global level.

 Ahsan has been skilled with the aid of using the senior gamers and for instance with the aid of using Kapadia too because the PBSA can’t find the money to rent an expert education for the gamers.

Ahsan Ramzan
Ahsan stands a ‘desirable risk’ of triumphing in the medal

“We don’t have a educate for the gamers and it’s been a completely lengthy time,” stated Kapadia.

The authentic turned into additionally useful while PBSA employed Iran’s Sohail Vahedi to educate the imminent gamers nearly 1/2 of a decade ago. triumphing in the medal “I turned into the only one who turned into giving commands to the gamers that.

 Sohail could direct me to so that turned into an experience. Currently, we don’t have the sources and we have a problem touring so we’re doing the excellent we can,” he explained.

This is the second time a Pakistani cueist is competing in the World Games, formerly Muhammad Bilal additionally performed for the united states in Poland in 2017.