Army ‘aghast’ at Imran Khan ‘defamatory’ allegations on COAS appointment

Imran Khan In a press statement by the army ISPR on Monday, the military secretary said, “Pakistan Army is aghast at the derogatory and uncalled for statement on the senior staff of Pakistan Army by [the] Chairman PTI during a particular gathering at Faisalabad.”

Imran Khan:

A day earlier, Imran had asserted that his electoral arch foes, the PPP and the PML-N in particular, were against new general elections because they wanted to “have [the next] army commander of their choice” after the existing resigned in November.

“They intend to install their own army leader, they are concerned that a strong and patriotic army chief will question them about the national wealth they have stolen, Imran stated on Sunday while speaking to a crowd in Faisalabad.

A coalition of about a dozen political groups formed in order to overthrow Imran Khan’s administration through a vote of no-confidence, which the dismissed premier claims was arranged by the US as part of an effort to enact violent revolution after he said “absolutely no” to their demands.

The ISPR claims that the PTI chairperson has made an effort to cast doubt on the military leadership. It said,

“Unfortunately, there was an attempt to subvert and tarnish the senior leadership of the Pakistan Army at a time when the institution is sacrificing lives for the safety and protection of the citizens of Pakistan every day.

Even though the process is clearly outlined in the Constitution, senior politicians, according to the military media wing, are seeking to stir up controversy about the selection of the army chief.

The highest general’s spokesperson declared that the senior leadership of the army has a lengthy history of spotless meritorious service that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt both its patriotism and professional qualifications.

Imran Khan
Army ‘aghast’ at Imran Khan ‘defamatory’ allegations on COAS appointment

He continued, “Politicizing the Pakistan Army’s top leadership and scandalizing the appointment of the COAS is neither within the interest of the state of Pakistan nor of the establishment.

“The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Constitution shall be upheld,” the Army declares once more.

The PTI leader’s “poisonous” accusations were denounced on Monday by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other members of the ruling coalition.

In response to Imran’s assertion, Prime Minister Shehbaz insisted that the PTI leader’s “despicable comments to evil institutions” were reaching new heights “every day.”

The former prime minister, according to him, was “engaging in outright mud-slinging and poisonous claims against Military Today and its leadership,” he alleged. In a post, PM Shehbaz stated that the man’s evil objective was to weaken and disturb Pakistan.

The country could now clearly understand who the true “insurgent” was, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chair Asif Ali Zardari stated in a message posted to Twitter.

Zardari claimed, without mentioning the former minister, that Imran was trying to damage the nation, something that “could not happen” in the PPP leader’s tenure, and that he would not for governmental institutions to be the subject of debate because of one guy.

The generals and the military, according to Zardari, “are all brave and patriotic.” Furthermore, he said that while Imran was holding rallies, the nation was supporting and assisting flood victims.

Inquiring as to whether “greater disorder and turmoil” was Imran’s “ultimate game,” the minister.

The ex-PM was also criticized by Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, who claimed that the PTI leaders “were continuously blaming the security forces.”

She continued by stating in a string of tweets that Imran is “promoting enmity and mayhem against the security agencies.”

When discussing the recent floods, which left 33 thousand individuals homeless, the ministry questioned whether Imran’s “pride and ideology [are] greater than people’s lives?”