Asif Said Traditional pattern to be adopted in COAS nomination

The defense minister Asif said, that the nomination of the army chief will be in compliance with the law and the constitution.

Khawaja Asif:

When speaking with reporters outside PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif’s London mansion, where he had just arrived with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif,.

At the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, Premier Shehbaz is in London. Asif asserted that the army chief was devoted to both his institution and the nation, saying that he did not serve at the behest of any individual.

Asif stated that the army chief is in charge of 700,000 officers who are prepared to give their lives at his command. He added that his position should not be linked to any dispute, especially a political one.

According to Asif, the decision to nominate the next chief of army staff will be decided following consultation between the GHQ and the defense ministry by the end of October.

The next COAS nomination, according to the defense minister, is a regular process, and PTI Chairman Imran Khan raising a hue and cry about it is unprecedented in history. Imran Khan and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf want institutions to step in.

The defense minister stated that Imran suggested delaying the appointment until after the national election and giving Gen. Bajwa an extension.

Khawaja Asif
Asif Said Traditional pattern to be adopted in COAS nomination

Although it is possible in theory for the military source to check the candidates’ credentials before delivering them to the prime minister, this rarely occurs, and the ministry essentially serves as a sorting office.

In response to a query, the minister stated that he’d prefer Nawaz Sharif to return home right now. But he stressed that it was important to make sure the PML-N leader received justice for the abuses he endured at home.

Asif also stated to the media that he would love for Nawaz to return home right away. He did, however, add that it was important to make sure the PML-N leader received retribution for the atrocities he had to endure at home.

According to the minister, his administration was not trying to run away from the elections. We demand that elections follow the law and the Charter.

Imran, according to Asif, had been making similar claims when he just held one parliamentary seat. They appointed by the president are the chiefs of the services on the advice of the prime minister, as stated in Article 243(3) of the Convention.

Asif informed the press. That I must clarify that the leader is not under any political authority; he is loyal to the country, said the speaker. He continued, Second, he also has his devotion to his organization.

He is in charge of 700,000 officers who will risk their lives at his command. It is inappropriate to include his position or personality in any political scandal.

Asif’s comments come as rumors about who would lead the army in the future are getting more and more heated because of dismissed prime minister Imran Khan, who has asserted that the coalition government wants its chosen military head to avoid graft prosecutions have come under fire from the military and administration for their claims.