CM Parvez Elahi reshuffles Punjab cabinet surprisingly

CM Parvez Elahi

CM Parvez Elahi on Monday reshuffled the Punjab Cabinet’s ever-changing portfolios of many provincial ministers together with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Yasmin Rashid and Raja Basharat.

CM Perviz Elahi:

According to the notification issued by the Chief Minister workplace, Basharat, who was antecedently in modification of the workplace of Public Prosecution, has been allotted the portfolios of Parliamentary Affairs and Environmental Protection.

Similarly, Dr. Yasmin Rashid has been expelled from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Health and given the charge of Minister for Specialized Health and Medical Education.

Meanwhile, Brig (retd) Muhammad Musaddiq and Akhtar Malik are allotted the portfolios of Public Prosecution and Primary and Secondary Health Department, respectively.

Arsalan Khalid has been given the portfolio of the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB), which was antecedently commanded by Raja Yasir Humayun.

Moreover, Khurram Virk has been expelled from the workplace of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. Most of those ministers were appointed last week, on August seven.

Meanwhile, the Punjab chief minister ordered the immediate accomplishment of 664 vacant posts for differently-abled persons.

He directed the Punjab Special education Department to send the outline to his workplace on that same day.

The 21-member cabinet of the PTI-PML-Q coalition government, comprising all PTI leaders, was appointed last week when it was finalized by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

According to reports, the names finalized by the previous prime minister were given over to the chief minister’s son, MNA Moonis Elahi.

CM Parvez Elahi
CM Parvez Elahi reshuffles Punjab cabinet surprisingly

Moonis had received the list of the planned 1st section 21-member cabinet and guaranteed Imran that he had already given Punjab’s chief ministership to the PML-Q and nothing more was needed.

He told that Khan told him that the PML-Q parliamentarians would even be inducted into the provincial cabinet within the second section.

During a gathering with a delegation of physically-challenged persons called the Chief Minister of Punjab at his workplace on Monday, Elahi lamented that the West Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) -led government neglected issues of disabled persons. They are kids of the state and also the government can solve their issues on priority, he added.

Moreover, while talking to a delegation of physically-challenged persons, the CM proclaimed to extend conveyance allowance for the blind, dumb, deaf, and other differently-abled workers in all government institutions of Punjab, upgradation of posts, and accomplishment against 664 vacant posts.

He issued directives to resolve their problems at once and tell them that the provincial government will provide an Rs10,000 monthly conveyance allowance to differently-abled persons.

He conjointly proclaimed upgrading posts for disabled workers in all the provincial government departments and explained that posts for all people who cannot walk or hear would be upgraded.

The CM further proclaimed the immediate accomplishment of 664 vacant posts for disabled persons and asked the special education department to send an outline to his workplace.

The N League-led government neglected the issues of disabled persons; he regretted and termed them as kids of Pakistan.

The government will solve your issues while giving full support and full respect, he added. The delegation thanked the Chief Minister of The province Punjab Chowdhury Pervaiz Elahi and termed him a helper who developed establishments for them and resolved long-awaited issues.

Further, the Chief Minister of The province of Punjab has directed involved departments to expedite relief operations in flood-affected areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur districts.

He conjointly directed to shift folks to safer places besides institutions of relief camps within the affected areas. He aforementioned all necessary facilities ought to be ensured for flood-affected families.