Daesh claims duty for the Sikh temple assault in Kabul

assault in Kabul

Two had been killed and at the least seven others wounded in Saturday’s assault

KABUL: Daesh claimed responsibility for an assault on a Sikh temple in Afghanistan that killed one network member and a Taliban fighter, pronouncing it as retaliation for insults against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

What had sparked protests in numerous Muslim nations via means of a spokeswoman for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist party’s blasphemous remarks in advance this month?

In a notice posted on its Amaq propaganda site, the militant institution stated Saturday’s assault focused on Hindus and Sikhs and the “apostates” who covered them in “an act of guide for the Messenger of Allah.”

Daesh stated one in every one of its fighters “penetrated a temple for Hindu and Sikh polytheists in Kabul, after killing its guard, and opened hearthplace at the pagans internal together along with his gadget gun and hand grenades.”

Two had been killed, and at the least, seven others wounded withinside the raid.
Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Nafi Takor stated the attackers lobbed at least one grenade once they entered the temple, placing off a blaze.

The assault follows a go-to by an Indian delegation to Kabul to speak about the distribution of valuable humanitarian resources from India to Afghanistan.

Afghan and Indian media reviews stated the delegation mentioned with Taliban officers the opportunity of reopening the Indian embassy, which closed after the institution seized strength in August.

The variety of bombings throughout Afghanistan has dropped because the Taliban is back to strength; however, numerous assaults — many concentrated on minority communities — have rocked you. S. a . in current months, such as multiple claims via means of Daesh.

The variety of Sikhs residing in Afghanistan has faded to around 200, compared to approximately 1/2 of 1,000,000 within the 1970s.

Most of the stay folks are investors worried about promoting natural drug treatments and digital items introduced from India.

In current months, many impoverished Sikhs, such as girls and youngsters, took shelter within the complicate that changed into an attack on Saturday.

The network has confronted repeated assaults over the years. At least 25 what had killed human beings in March 2020 while shooters stormed some other Sikh temple in Kabul in an assault that changed into additionally claimed via way of means of Daesh.