Death Toll From Floods Reaches 1,314 As 24 More Die In A Day

Death From Flood

The rate of Death has increased dramatically in no time due to destructive floods all around Pakistan. About almost 1200 people are dead and over 12700 people are injured due to the disasters the flood has caused this year.

Death Toll From Floods:

A recent news report, all about the relief efforts discussed which were offered by the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

National Flood Response Coordination Centre (NFRCC) sent out a piece of news confirming that efforts for the flood victims to provide food and basic needs are still in process.

However, they had already built around 150 relief camps and 290 donation centers all over Pakistan to help and rescue those affected by the flood.

The news also stated the amounts of things that were arranged and distributed to the flood victims throughout Pakistan.

Like; there were almost 3500 tons of food things, 1.7 million medical facilities, and also about 450 tons of sustenance products that were arranged by donations and flood relief camps all over the country.

Out of these, almost 3000 tons of food products are distributed already till the present date. Also, 400 tons of Sustenance products and 1.4 million medical facilities items were also provided to the victims of the flood.

Death Toll From Floods
Death Toll From Floods Reaches 1,314 As 24 More Die In A Day

Taking about the ration packs that were collected through the donations were almost about 232,811. From which 1617 tons of ration were distributed to those affected by the flood by Pakistan Army.

As the death toll is increasing dramatically, medical camps have also been established throughout the country to treat the patients and injured ones as per reported by the NFRCC.

However, there are still a lot of people caught up alone amid the flood areas waiting for help to get saved. Pakistan Army Aviation’s 338 helicopters flew to the most affected areas all over the country and rescued about 490 individuals in the day.

They also delivered 41 tons of food items through helicopters to those who were still in the affected area but empty-handed.

The total of rescued people was almost 3585 as reported by the NFRCC.

Furthermore, it was also told by NFRCC that Pakistan Air Force has also conducted a rescue operation by 152 air sorties through which they saved the lives of almost 1500 people.

Moreover, it was also reported that almost 2700 tents were distributed to the flood victims, and also more than 1 lac food packets were brought to them with 1280 tons of ration packets too!

In this news report, some of the more important activities were also stated by the NFRCC.

It stated that Saggu Bridge’s construction was in progress as it was badly affected by the overflowing water and flood.

However, the damages were mended by them, and also they moved on to the bridge’s construction area. It was also told that they had conducted a cut in the Manchar Lake which reduced the flow of water by 30%, protecting the Sehwan and Bhan Saedabad from flooding.

Prediction of the Weather:

The weather forecast has observed that rain and thunderstorms could be expected in the upper areas of KPK, upper Punjab territories, and also Gilgit Baltistan on Monday.

Whereas, if we talk about the normal weather conditions, it is assumed to be hot and humid in major areas of the country.