DG ISPR ought to have recognized what I stated Imran


Imran exhorted the party members in accordance with relating to DG ISPR that he didnt understand what Imran meant.

DG ISPR / Imran Khan:

He said to his party to destroy “the idol of fear” and counter their warnings with more threats, alluding to the enigmatic characters “Mr. X” and “Mr. Y.”

He asserted that identical measures would now be used against anyone attempting to scare party cadres by making calls from unknown numbers.

This threat-laden call from an unknown number should be broken. Return it to them. Threats are exchanged, which is reciprocated, and PTI’s leader yelled.

Additionally, he questioned the decision of the Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) to refute his comments regarding the appointment of the army commander, claiming that the DG ISPR ought to at the very least have comprehended what he had said and what it meant.

The PTI leader stated during a speech at a gathering of the general public in Chakwal that he wanted the army chief to be chosen on the basis of merit, claiming that former leaders.

Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif were incapable of doing so because they were not even familiar with the term “merit” and could not look beyond their own respective relatives.

DG ISPR Imran Khan
DG ISPR didn’t understand what I meant, Imran Khan, the deposed premier and chairman of the PTI, urged his party’s leaders

The ISPR expressed strong disagreement with the PTI chairman’s comments over the choice of the new army chief, stating that it was “aghast at the slanderous and uncalled for” statement about the institution’s top management.

The institution is losing lives every day to ensure the security and safety of the people of Pakistan, hence it is regrettable that an attempt has been made to undermine and discredit [the] senior leadership of [the] Pakistan Army.

The ISPR stated that it was very sad and disappointing that senior politicians were attempting to incite controversy over the selection of the COAS, the process for which is clearly outlined in the legislation.

Aitzaz Ahsan and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, respectively, should have been chosen instead of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the foreign minister, as the PPP chairman, according to ex-PM Imran, who also criticised Sharif for designating his daughter Maryam Nawaz as the empress of his party.

Imran attacked the clans of the Sharif and Zardari, claiming that if they returned half of the looted money from the previous 30 years to the nation, the current leaders from both families would not need to grovel to other nations.

He asserted that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a respected leader who had been ousted from office and the public eye by foreign interests.

Reminiscing about his days playing cricket, Imran claimed that the one learning he had taken away was that “Imran Khan has never given up in his life.”

Imran stated that he had never received nourishment in a facility of any kind and that he got to the halls of power on his own.

He emphasised that he would keep battling until the very end and never accept “thieves.” He vowed, I’ll never surrender.

He kept referring to his opponents as thieves, looters, traitors, and corrupts throughout his address, and he reaffirmed his vow to never side with the greatest dacoits.

Imran claimed he wants to let the criminals who forced the government know that the country was paying for their choice.

He kept urged people to be prepared for his call for protests and his planned lengthy march to the capital later this month across his address.