ECP postpones by-polls due to flood situations in the country

The ECP said that it had postponed the polls in NA-133, NA-242, and PK-73 constituencies in Punjab, PS-7 in Sindh, and PK-27 in KP.

ECP Postpones By Elections:

This announcement was made by the Election Commission of Pakistan due to the current flood situation in the country. The areas which were announced were various territories of Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

By the meeting headed by the Election Commission of Pakistan Sikandar Sultan Raja today (Thursday), it has been revealed that only the polling dates have been postponed and not the entire election.

The new dates will be announced once the situation in flood-devastated areas improves and when the law enforcement agencies are available for providing security.

In a statement released on Thursday, the electoral body explained that it was not possible for them to hold the polls on the prescribed dates because of the devastation and displacement caused by floods.

The statement said that as soon as it became clear that no election could be held, they were obligated to postpone the elections until further notice.

The Ministry of Interior’s feedback to the Election Commission of Pakistan on the provision of security to polling stations, indicates that the security agencies were engaged in flood relief operations, monitoring internal security and preventing terrorist activities in the country.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has said that the military authorities cited “national emergency” and relief operations as reasons for not returning to their barracks, which would be necessary to hold peaceful elections.

They also referred to the national emergency and noted their engagement in relief activities throughut the country.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary quoted in the statement that all national companies, even the police, army, rangers and FC, are involved in rescueing those who are stranded due to the extreme flood situation in the country that is why it would be better to postpone the elections for now.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced by-elections in several constituencies. The schedule of the election’s polling was decided as follows;;

– September 11 and 25, and on October 2. Polling was scheduled to be held on NA-157 Multan on September

 PP-139 Sheikhupra on September 11,

 PP-241 Bahawalnagar on September 11;

 NA-22 Mardan on September 25;

 NA-24 Charsadda on September 25;

 NA-31 Peshawar on September 25;

 NA-45 Kurram on September 25;

 NA 108 Faisalabad on September 25;

 NA-118 Nankana Sahib on September 25;

NA-237 Malir on September 25;

 NA-239 Korangi on September 25;

NA-246 Karachi I on September 25; and

 PP-209 Khanewal on October 2.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insfaaf (PTI) Challenged ECP’s Decision:

PTI’s Vice Chairman, Shah MAhmood Qureshi opted to challenge the decision of ECP in which there was stated to postpone the by-polling due to flood conditions.

Imran khan ECP
ECP postpones by-polls due to flood situations in the country

He said that there were no emergency situations in Multan and also it was not stated as a high alert area, therefore, it would be not right to stop the elections in that region.

He conducted a telephonic conference with his colleague and a party member Dr. Babar Awan.

Babar Awan agreed on the view of Shah and also said that the law court of attempt has ended in the country, because there was no apparent rason on postponing the elections when there is the time coming of the General Elections in the country.