Ex GB CJ issues a new apology and retracts contentious testimony

Rana Shahmim Ex GB CJ

Ex GB CJ largely reversed his claims in a previous apology on September 12 but kept his suspicions against Nisar, claiming no IHC justice was involved in the incident.


Shamim, however, completely withdrew his allegations in the affidavit in the newly-offered apologies, which was submitted in response to the contempt of court actions brought against him.

The former Chief Justice of the United Kingdom argued, “I make an unreserved apology for a testimony that wasn’t correct nor warranted.

In an inaccurate affidavit, a respected judge’s name was accidentally and regrettably mentioned. I regret this and instead apologise. I also regret and apologise for my serious error, which ought not to have occurred, it continued.

We clearly misunderstood and made an inadvertent error when I mentioned a judge from this appellate authority in an affidavit dated November 10, 2021.

I therefore revoke the statements made in the aforementioned affidavit. I sincerely apologise for the incorrect [and] pointless testimony, it stated.

It is important to note that in the certified statement he presented on September 12, Shamim claimed to have overheard Justice Nisar ordering an IHC judge to delay the release of PML-N officials Maryam and Nawaz Sharif till the parliamentary votes in 2018..

The controversial statement that was printed in a newspaper and accused Justice Nisar of influencing the proceedings against Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz led to Shamim’s indictment by the IHC on violation of court accusations on January 20, 2022.

The intelligence officer Ansar Abbasi, editor-in-chief of a major newspaper, and its senior editor were all charged with framing, but the court decided to postpone bringing such allegations.

Ex GB CJ rana Shahmim
Ex-GB CJ issues a new apology and retracts contentious testimony

IHC CJ Athar Minallah issued a caution, saying that if it was discovered during in the session that media people had done this on purpose, further action would be taken towards them.

According to Rana Shamim, his affidavit incorrectly and erroneously listed the name of a high court judge. He apologised and begged the bench to accept his regret for his statements.

He declared that he was retracting his affidavit’s details and handing the judge control of the situation. Rana Shamim claimed to have overheard the ex – chief judge Saqib Nisar speaking while he was in the United Kingdom in 2018.

It should be noted that the IHC started a disrespect of court case against Rana Shamim after his affidavit about the purported phone call between the former head judge and another person was published in an English media.

Saqib Nisar, meanwhile, refuted the accusations levelled against him. He claimed that the report is distant from reality while speaking to the media. He added that Shamim had requested an adjournment from him.

Rana Shamim, however, was the target of a violation of court action. Furthermore, the veracity of his declaration was questioned because UK solicitor Charles Guthrie, who certified the document, said Nawaz Sharif accepted it in his London office.

It was consequently assumed that the Sharif family created the entire isse to win over the public’s sympathy.