Fawad Ch: Institutions Are Vital but They Should Respect Political Leadership

Speaking at a media briefing in Islamabad, the former information minister Fawad Ch stressed the need for friendly relationships with the institutions, saying PTI wished to be on the “same page” with them.

Fawad Ch:

However, he continued, “non-elected agencies” do not speak for the people, therefore upholding institutional balance was urgently needed.

Those decided “behind closed doors” don’t matter, he emphasized, and choices ought to be taken by the majority of people.

Regarding the Ramzan Sugar Mills allusion, the PTI leader emphasized that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was not charged in the matter. He observed, “When we argue about this latency, it is seen as contempt.

On the day of his swearing-in ceremony, the premier was supposed to be charged with money laundering, but “regrettably, it was delayed,” the speaker claimed.

Speaking about the domestic politics of his party, Fawad said that Imran Khan, the party’s leader, staged the “largest rally” in Gujranwala’s history last night, and that people from all over the “nation” showed up to show support for him in various locations.

Fawad Ch
Fawad Ch: Institutions Are Vital but They Should Respect Political Leadership

He continued, “Millions of people showed up to hear to Imran Khan as his address was displayed on giant screens in several locations.

The PTI leader claimed that the ruling class was avoiding the votes by postponing the by-elections. He claimed that the option to reschedule them was made by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

He claimed that the “Election Commission had spent trillions of rupees of the country.” We have been forced to work with selfish idiots, and the ECP is currently experiencing an organizational problem after declaring four million voters deceased.

The disgraced former minister restated on this occasion his party’s claims that their administration was overthrown by a purported international conspiracy, which finally resulted in the destruction of the nation’s economy.

He emphasized how the rate of inflation was rising and had reached 45%. The “media is so inept that they cannot talk about inflation,” he continued.

Additionally, he stated that the PTI leader would host another telethon to gather money for disaster victims, adding that Rs 3 billion of the Rs 5 billion pledged was already gathered. He also mentioned spending Rs. 1 billion on Sindh.