Fire erupts at MQM’s former headquarters Nine Zero

On Friday, a fire is said to have started inside Nine Zero, the previous Karachi offices of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Fire Erupts At Nine Zero:

Two firefighters cars, though, managed to put out the flames. The fire seemed to have been started by a short circuit, based on the authorities.

A representative for the Rangers said that the fire was under control and that cooling was taking place. He added that a cordon had been placed around the residence.

There were no injuries in the incident, according to reports. A Rangers representative was hurt while putting out the fire, though.

According to reports, there were explosions observed during the fire as well. The explosive ordnance disposal team was called to investigate the source of these explosions.

People in the area were not allowed to record the incident on camera by the police.

The residence wasn’t being used, according to sources. The MQM formerly occupied the home in Karachi’s Azizabad neighborhood.

When party members trashed a commercial television station before fighting with police, at minimum of one person was killed, and more than a dozen were injured. As a result, the party’s headquarters, Nine Zero, was examined and later sealed.

Fire NINE Zero
Fire erupts at MQM’s former headquarters Nine Zero


All major parties condemned the rioting, which led the paramilitary Rangers to take action. Nine MQM leaders were imprisoned, at least.

According to Kamran Haider, SHO of the Azizabad Police Station, the fire started in an uninhabited structure in the Nine Zero neighborhood. He claimed that because the fire was so strong, it damaged surrounding homes and parked cars.

He claimed that for a while, the property where the fire started was walled off and abandoned.

After frantic attempts, “around a half-dozen fire crews got the blaze under control and no loss of lives was observed,” the source continued. A Rangers employee stationed there, according to Haider, received a slight injury.

According to the SHO, a gas leak may be to blame for the fire, which may have been started “due to a certain heat or short circuit breakdown,” citing the judgment of the bomb disposal team and the firemen.

According to him, it was still too early to determine damages precisely.

In the meantime, Pakistan Rangers Sindh claimed in a report that the fire started in a residence close to Mukka Chowk.

According to the report, “Sindh Rangers officers rushed the spot and fenced it off,” and “fire brigades were sent to put out the fire. According to the statement, the fire had been put out and the Authorities had been contacted to determine the cause.

After Mr. Hussain’s divisive speech on August 22, 2016, a crackdown ensued, leading to the sealing of The Nine Zero and the MQM’s Khurshid Shrine Center.

The coordinating committee denounced the occurrence and said that the “blaze was a man-triggered move” in a statement issued from London.

The MQM-L commented on the police account that an electromagnetic short-circuit may have started the fire, stating that the Nine Zero had been without an energy link since August 22, 2016.