Foreign Office rejects ‘so-referred to as’ Indian Army’s dossier

Foreign office pakistan

Foreign Office:

“We outrightly reject fake so-referred to as Indian Army’s dossier, pronounced contents of that have been crafted the use of disinformation,” Foreign Office says

ISLAMABAD: Responding to the “fake” allegations leveled through India, the Foreign Office Reject on Thursday rejected “baseless allegations” leveled through the Indian Army via a “dossier” that turned into pronounced through a few segments of the Indian media.

India Today claimed that Pakistan is helping militants to infiltrate the border for “terror sports.”
While responding to the claims, FO stated: “We outrightly reject this fake and fabricated so-
referred to as dossier.

The pronounced contents of that have been crafted the use of disinformation, faux assertions, and insinuations that are looking for to divert the sector’s interest from India’s personal brazen and well-documented marketing campaign of state- Indian Army’s dossier terrorism and full-size human rights violations withinside the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (UK).”

According to an announcement issued in this regard, Indian Army’s dossier the FO spokesperson stated that on many occasions, direct hyperlinks between the ruling BJP and perpetrators of violence withinside the UK and different locations had surfaced.

“Pakistan has often shared with the sector irrefutable proof of Indian professional forces’ gross and full-size violations of human rights abetted through draconian legal guidelines with inside the UK via comprehensive, proof-primarily based dossiers.

“These gatherings have remarkably archived the truth toward the rear of India’s vigorous preparation, advancing, supporting, abetting, Indian Army’s dossier funding, and execution of psychological militant games in Pakistan,” the declaration read.

The FO stated that it turned into regrettable that India had selected to provide fictional money owed to divert interest from its disasters as an alternative to “gratifying its duties below worldwide regulation and making sure that the humans of UK are granted their inalienable proper to self-dedication through the applicable United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and as in line with their wishes.”

Pakistan suggested India perform introspection to position its residents in order. Indian Army’s dossier “The devilish Indian attempts at taking on the appearance of a victim of psychological warfare and evening out unmerited psychological warfare related charges contrary to Pakistan stand uncovered,” the declaration added.