Government Coalition Condemns Imran’s ‘poisonous’ Allegations On Army Chief’s Appointment

Government Imran Khan

In Response to the Former Prime Minister’s allegations, Government coalition refuse to own the statement that both of them wanted to elect the Army Chief of their own choice.

Government Coalition:

This news broke everywhere when the day before Imran Khan accused both of his rival politicians that they want to bring their selected Army chief so that their frauds could not be caught.

However, PM Sharif denied Khan’s allegations by posting on Social Media that PTI Chairman’s extreme words and allegations are reaching new levels of enmity.

He further added that it was Khan who was doing false activities in the front and that he was always against the Pakistan Armed Forces. Sharif also said that Khan’s sole purpose was to disturb the conditions of the whole country.

On the other hand, the co-chairman of the PPP ( Pakistan Peoples Party) Asif Ali Zardari said while keeping the face gun at Khan that he is the one making issues for everybody.

Zardari also lashes out at Imran Khan by saying that he is the one who is weakening this country and wishing for the crisis to never end in Pakistan.

With this, he also stated that he would not let Khan’s dream come true and that such a situation will never occur in the future.

Government Coalition
Government Coalition Condemns Imran’s ‘poisonous’ Allegations On Army Chief’s Appointment

Zardari also added that everyone these days is or was concerned regarding the flood situations all over the world, whereas, Khan was doing rallies and speeches.

Furthermore, Zardari also quoted that even in the areas of KPK and Punjab, Federal Government was making efforts for the flood victims and providing them with facilities and food items.

Whereas, if we all see that the in these areas, the provincial government is of Imran Khan and he is not doing anything, Zardari further added.

Moreover, the Minister Of Planning Ahsan Iqbal also asked that is Khan’s end game was anarchy or chaos. Likewise, Sherry Rehman, the Minister of Climate Change also held allegations against Imran Khan by saying that he always blames the security agencies in case of any issue.

In her recent address, she said that Khan is responsible for spreading hatred against security agencies. She further added that is his ego bigger or the lives of those affected by the flood were more important at this point.

Then on Sunday, PTI arranged a rally in Faisalabad Iqbal Stadium. Khan asked the combined government why they are so against and scared of a fresh and new election.

He gave the answer himself both of these government officials could easily be whitewashed if there would be clean and fair elections.

Another reason he gave was that the Government didn’t want fair elections so that they could bring the Army Chief of their choice.

It will prevent them from being answerable to anyone! However, if there will come a fair, justice person as an Army Chief so he will question both parties about the huge money laundering case in which they are still involved!