Haqeqi Azadi one of the largest movements in the Hostory!

Haqeqi Azadi Imran Khan

Imran khan remains about the haqeqi azadi movement he and his party started in May.

Haqeqi Azadi March:

The PTI leader and former prime minister claimed that because the party was unprepared for its May 25 march earlier this year, police brutalised its supporters, including women and children, and promised that this would not happen this time.

Imran addressed the newly elected members of the PTI’s Islamabad Administrative & Advisory Council during their swearing-in ceremony, saying that Rana Sanaullah, I guarantee you that you won’t be capable of concealing in Islamabad.

This time, we will be well-prepared, Imran assured the ceremony. He claimed he will decide when the PTI march would take place but refrained from specifying a specific date. “I will choose the day of the march; I will determine the readiness of our organisations.”

The PTI leader urged his followers to turn out in big numbers in Islamabad on Saturday (tomorrow), when he will be in Rahimyar Khan for a public event.

He also said that he will be watching it from Rahimyar Khan and that the attendance on Saturday should be “record.”

“Following that, I’ll decide when to announce the march. The decision will only be made when I feel that my tigers and tigresses are prepared for Haqiqi Azadi (true freedom),” Imran stated. Only I know when that call needs to be made.

The previous premier remembered that, when the PTI administration was in office, he did not put an end to the marches of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Jamiat Ulema-e Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

Regarding relations between Pakistan and Russia, Imran stated that the current coalition government was currently in talks with Russia to obtain wheat and oil, although the PTI-led government had previously discussed it five months earlier.

India already receives oil from Russia at a 40% discount, but the current leaders are wary that the people who put them in office won’t enjoy the concept of receiving cheaper oil and wheat from Russia,” he continued.

Instead of purchasing cheaper oil and wheat from Russia, they let their citizens experience tremendous inflation, Imran claimed, adding that having an autonomous foreign policy is my primary aim.

Haqeqi Azadi Imran Khan
Haqeqi Azadi one of the largest movements in the History

Imran Khan claimed to be an independent individual who had never bowed down to anyone. He continued by stating that he had never encountered a successful businessperson, bowler, batsman, or any professional who had not conquered their fears in order to succeed in their respective industries.

Further, he stated in his address that true liberty did not come easily and that those who had long-term control over the country’s riches would not allow it to come about without a fight. “Kalima contains the true essence of freedom,” he declared.

The three major idols that shatter a person, according to him, are fear of dying, fear of embarrassment, and fear of losing one’s livelihood. When he issued the call for mass demonstrations at the government, he would challenge them to see if they had destroyed the idol of terror.

Imran Khan also described his idealised version of Pakistan, saying that he wished to see a nation that will never submit to outsiders or give up its own citizens for foreign nations.

He condemned the previous governments for allowing drone assaults on their own citizens. Imran claimed that even if Pakistan was involved in other people’s wars, drone attacks against its civilians were unparalleled in global history.