How to Make Money From Blogging

How to Make Moeny

Here Are 5 Proven Methods (With Examples!) To Make Money Blogging:

1. Online Seminars & Classes

2. Titles in print and digital formats

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Advertising

5. Opportunities to Speak

In a minute, I’ll outline a basic plan for creating a successful blog from scratch.

First, however, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how to make actual money blogging; complete with actual case studies you can analyze and learn from.

These are the five best ways I’ve found to make a living as a blogger:

1. Online Seminars & Classes

Although Smart Blogger generates over $1 million annually in revenue from its online courses and seminars, we are hardly the first successful blog to do so. Many successful bloggers owe their success to selling online courses.

Based on his premium course bundle, Ramit Sethi reportedly earns around $10 million each year.

How to Make Money
How to Make Money From Blogging

However, the success of these books is not limited to those who focus on business or wealth. Online courses are a common way for popular blogs to generate income, and this applies to blogs covering a wide range of topics and niches. To give just one example, well-known interior designer Maria Killam offers a wide variety of classes and seminars.

2. Print and digital books

Several authors have used their blog’s popularity to land a lucrative book contract. After gaining a massive following, he was offered a publishing contract by Harper Collins and went on to sell over three million copies in the United States alone.

Even works published independently have found success. James Altucher’s Choose Yourself, which has now sold over 500,000 copies, is the most famous blogging success story.

3. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate marketing, in which you promote the services, digital products, and physical products of other firms in exchange for a commission, is a great option if you want to generate passive money from your blog.

We here at Smart Blogger make well over $100,000 year from marketing affiliate products, primarily by making casual recommendations of things we genuinely enjoy using and recommending, such as SiteGround (affiliate link) and Elementor (affiliate link).

However, there are many additional instances as well. John Lee Dumas, founder of EOFire, earned $710,835 in affiliate commissions in 2017. It has been revealed that Digital Photography School has made over $500,000 in affiliate commissions as an Amazon Associate by pushing photographic tools.

How to Make Money
How to Make Money From Blogging

There is a vast array of affiliate marketing possibilities due to the prevalence of referral program designed to increase awareness of a company’s digital product or service.

The first step toward monetizing your organic traffic is to join an affiliate network like CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, the eBay Partner Network, or ShareASale.

4. Promotion

In general, we don’t recommend using advertising revenue to support your website. Affiliate marketing is typically more profitable and requires less active management, but you need about a million visitors per year to get the attention of the major ad networks.

However, despite receiving a great deal of traffic, not all of these channels are effective for sites in certain niches, such as those dealing with food, style, or current events. As a result, it makes sense to include some banner advertising on your site.

Joining an ad network is a common way to generate revenue online. Almost anyone can sign up with Google AdSense and put up a couple of Google ads, and as your traffic and earnings increase, you can move up to more exclusive networks like Mediavine and AdThrive.

5. Opportunities to Speak

If your blog becomes popular and you gain a reputation as an expert in your field, you could be shocked by the number of speaking invitations you receive. In addition, the returns are phenomenal. In a typical speech, I make at least $10,000, and often as much as $100,000 if you include sales of related merchandise.