IHC irked by Imran’s remarks on army chief selection


IHC (The Islamabad High Court) passed orders on Monday to PEMRA about regulating the speeches of PTI Chairman Imran Khan as per the apex court’s rules.

IHC Irked:

Moreover, IHC had already heard of a case that was ongoing against the petition of Imran Khan about a notification that has been issued to ban his speeches on August 29.

The Chief Justice of IHC, Athar Minallah utterly condemned the things said by Imran Khan specially regarding the Army of Pakistan. He further quoted that Khan is wanting to destroy the spirit and morale of Pak Army.

Furthermore, he lashed out at Khan’s statements while saying that he himself said that one person should speak freely whether a person is a patriot or not.

However, no one could say that an Army General could not be a patriot. He added this while relating to the Khan’s statements in his rally.

Minallah praises the efforts of the Army and also said in a regretful way that at one place Pak Army is saving the lives of thousands of people.

IHC Imran khan
IHC irked by Imran’s remarks on army chief selection

On the other hand Khan was accusing the Army of being a fraud. Is there anyone who could justify his allegations?

He added. Lashing out Khan’s allegations he said that who would want him to get a free license? The judge further said that whenever you give a statement, good or bad, you will have to face its repercussions.

On Sunday when Khan speaked in a rally arranged by PTI in Faisalabad at Iqbal stadium, he accused the coalition government which includes both PM shahbaz sharif and Asif Ali Zardari of PPP, that they want to appoint an Army Chief of their own choice.

So that their loot and frauds could be overlooked. During the session, the judge raised the question that the PTI is wanting to violate the constitution.

Furthermore, he also added that if you are a big leader then surely your speeches would have a great impact either good or bad that depends.

He said that Khan’s accusations in his speech will cause anger for sure. Can anyone justify it? He raised this question again and again.

Minallah said that first Imran Khan should be clear about what he actually wants. He could not expect us to be quiet while he keeps making allegations of disgusting sorts on Pak Army Forces.

It was his words which led the case to move on to PEMRA. How can he expect to not get a reaction in return? He said further.

In correspondence with the accusations against Imran Khan, the leader of PTI, a case is been on going at IHC whereas an Anti Terrorism case is also being going on at Islamabad.