Imran issues a serious warning to the government

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Speach in charsadda “Law and order have gotten worse in Malakand. While speaking at his party’s power show in K-Charsadda P’s region, he added,

Imran Khan in Charsadda:

“The K-P police are doing their best, however, the central government should take action and fulfill its duties instead of merely attempting to somehow label me a terrorist or register prosecutions.”

Imran stressed that the government must take responsibility for the security situation despite the fact that the people of K-P had made numerous efforts.

In order to allow change to occur and through force of the vote, the former premier also urged the “imported administration and its sponsors” to hold the votes as soon as possible.

He cautioned that if elections were delayed any longer, the scenario would out of hand.

The World Bank has warned that if you put an end to this ‘peaceful revolution,’ the scenario will spiral out of control for everyone. Voting should bring about the change, he said.

Regardless of what you do, you never win this match; you have already lost this match, Imran declared in response to the grand coalition and its “financers.”

The world is unwilling to give them] financial support for flood relief because of the rapidly declining currency.

By having free and impartial elections,, the PTI leader argued that there is still time to help the nation escape its current predicament.

He also stated that “the day is not far when he delivers a call to a community to achieve real independence.”

Imran Khan
Imran issues a serious warning to the government

Imran asserted that the nation was in decline under the current leaders, citing IMF and World Bank reports. Pakistan is about to turn into Sri Lanka.

“Those who overthrew my administration will not be pardoned, he warned.

The former premier claimed that although Sindh had been the most severely affected by the flooding, Zardari had prevented the international community from providing assistance.

Imran claimed that prices for everything, including fuel and electricity, have increased dramatically when compared to the current administration.

While the price of oil was between $95 and 110 per barrel during his period, fuel was Rs150 a liter, but today, despite a decline in worldwide pricing, gasoline is costly in the nation, he said.

He attacked the PDM government harshly in his opening remarks, saying, “They were brought to authority to halt their fraudulent practices and I just found out that Ramzan Sugar Mills case is being forced to close.”

The former prime minister asserted that the money laundering case’s witnesses passed away from heart attacks, “but they were slain… When a fair audit is conducted, it will become apparent.

Imran claimed that after the PML-N-led coalition government took office, the value of the currency had decreased by 30%.

Imran claimed that the K-P province, which is run by his party, suffered the most as a result of Pakistan’s involvement in the US war on terrorism, and he added that Pakistan should not take part in any conflicts while being in the subservience of any power.

He asserted that the country’s current leaders were installed through a “plot” because “America wanted our rulers to travel the world like thieves, but we will not negotiate on our national foreign policy for any government.”