Imran Khan again fails to show up at JIT

The PTI leader Imran Khan had to get personally involved in the inquiry, according to law enforcement sources, after Imran was granted temporary bail by the court.

Imran Khan JIT:

In addition, they pointed out that it was not stated anywhere in the statute that the accused should not be a part of the inquiry but rather his counsel.

Further, the authorities claimed that Imran was legally required to come before the JIT; however, by failing to do so, he had disobeyed the prosecution’s instructions by refusing to do so.

In a trial, the courts only give temporary bail so that the authorities won’t have to detain the suspect once they are a part of the probe.

Having spent 35 years in the investigative department, a senior federal forensic expert informed the press.

The main suspect in a severe case has never, over this time span, been excluded from the inquiry after receiving interim bail, he continued.

No one other than the defendant could be questioned during the interrogation, under the law. In this matter, the cops will argue their case in court.

The news report was informed by an insider within the JIT that the report detailing Imran’s purposeful failure to cooperate in the inquiry would be submitted in the courtroom.

According to the informant, the defendant would be required to participate in the inquiry, and the jury would be asked to make that order as it was necessary for the matter to move forward.

According to the source, who responded to a query from the news report, the court’s verdict in this case now also depends on the fact that the suspect is a significant political figure.

At 6 o’clock on Sunday, the JIT called the PTI leader. Up until eight o’clock in the evening, the JIT leader, SP Analysis Wing Rukhsar Mehdi, as well as other teammates awaited his arrival. The former prime minister received another notice in the mail.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan again fails to show up at JIT

The notice was sent as a result of a complaint brought against him for threatening Senior Cops and Additional and Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry at a gathering.

The ex-prime minister was also tasked by the Islamabad High Court with making sure that he assisted the police in their investigation of the incident.

The PTI leader didn’t appear in front of the JIT, but he sent a response to it on Friday through his attorney. In it, he claimed that the “imported government” had his aide Shahbaz Gill imprisoned and tortured in detention because of political rivalry.

Additionally, he maintained that neither his speech nor anything he had said in it fit the definition of terrorism. It had to do with his contentious comments about Judge Zeba in the terrorism case.

Alright, Director Commissioner Chief [of Police], we’re not letting you go; we’re trying to bring a case on you. At a demonstration in support of Gill last month, the PTI leader warned his followers, “And madame judge you must also get prepared, we will act accordingly towards you.”

Following his call for troops to defy instructions from military authorities, Gill was detained last month on suspicion of contempt.

According to the PTI leader’s declaration, he had not engaged in any criminal activity that would have caused a ruckus. The matter ought to be dropped, he had said, because he was clean.

Imran claimed in his speech that he has pushed for legal action to be taken against individuals engaged in criminal activity.

On August 21, an FIR was filed in the ATA against the PTI leader for making threats against a court and top Islamabad security officials during a protest in the F-9 Campground of the country’s capital.