Imran Khan announced providing Rs1 billion to aid flood relief in Sindh, Pakistan.

Imran Khan Flood

Imran Khan announcement was made during a press conference on Tuesday, where Imran also said that he would be doing everything in his power to help those affected by the floods.

Imran Khan Announcement Rs 1 Billion:

“The people of Pakistan have suffered enough,” he said. “We cannot let this happen again.”

On a visit to the town of Sukkur, Imran Khan announced his plans to build dams along the Khirthar mountain range to prevent future flooding in the area. “We will build dams so that we can turn this water into a blessing,”

This was not the first time that Khan had extended help to the victims of natural disasters. When floods hit Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa last year, he immediately announced Rs100 million for those affected by the disaster.

He also provided support during earthquakes in regions such as Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Balochistan.

The PTI Sindh chapter said that it would decide how to use funds announced by Imran Khan for the province. The PTI chairman had announced Rs 1 billion funds for the province, saying that those “funds will be spent on a particular area or divided among the affected districts”.

He added that “more funds will be generated for Sindh in the upcoming telethone”.

Imran Khan Flood

Imran Khan announced providing Rs1 billion to aid flood relief in Sindh, Pakistan.

Imran Khan, the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, has visited Sukkur to personally observe the devastation caused by the recent flooding.

He was briefed about the disaster by party leaders before he arrived in Sukkur, and he also saw a map that showed that Sindh is the most-affected province in Pakistan.

The drainage system in Sindh is in shambles and has been encroached upon, according to Imran Khan; as a result, water stagnates in urban and rural towns as well as agricultural fields.

“The water drains are blocked,” said Imran Khan; “whenever we stop the natural route of water, it causes destruction.”

Imran Khan accused Asif Zardari of embezzling money from Sindh and stashing it abroad.

He said, “The biggest reason for poverty in Sindh is Asif Zardari and his mafia. Now, the time has come to put an end to the PPP’s rule in the province.” Imran said that he would prepare the Sindhi people to rise up against the ruling elite. He vowed that the people of Sindh would become his team, and he would be their captain.

During his visit, Imran Khan also interacted with the people affected by the flood by visiting their tables and listening to their complaints.

Furthermore, he assured them that they would be provided with food and other relief items soon.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 6 million people have been directly affected by these floods.

The government has been working to provide relief for those affected by the floods, but Khan’s announcement will help to increase the amount of money available for aid efforts.