Imran Khan believes that big measures are required to get the country out of its current crisis

Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that we must take initiatives that have never been taken before due to public pressure and other factors.

Imran Khan:

Partnership administrations are very weak in parliamentary democracy, he stated on Tuesday during an interactive Zoom discussion with digital broadcasters and financial researchers.

Imran stated that large and decisive actions are required to stabilize the country’s economy, especially to stem the bleeding of government sector firms.

Despite his ouster from power in April of this year, Imran has repeatedly urged the PML-N-led government to dissolve parliament and organize transparent elections in order to save the nation from the global recession.

The former premier stated that in order to create riches, the country must focus on expanding exports and remittances, as well as maintaining political stability and a stable government.

Political stability is connected to economic stability which is the only way to halt devaluation.

Investors’ trust has been damaged, he claims because no one understands how long this government will continue. Everything except uncertainty can be sustained by markets,” he continued.

Furthermore, Imran stated that the country is facing a $30 billion external financing shortage, which he attributed to the rupee’s persistent depreciation versus the dollar. The rupee is under pressure from all of these factors.

In response to a query, Imran expressed concern that the economic situation is worsened by the day, which could lead to “civil unrest.”

He said that he was concerned that if votes are not held, Pakistan will devolve into societal turmoil, and if we do not act quickly, the game will be out of everyone’s hands.

According to the PTI leader, people are outraged because of the outrageous tariff hike for energy bills, flour, and other vital necessities. The quicker elections are held, the easier it will be to recover from the catastrophe.

According to Imran, individuals who wish to operate this system are solely interested in their own personal gain. “I will soon disclose my next steps since only early and transparent polls are the way ahead.

Imran Khan
Imran believes that big measures are required to get the country out of its current crisis

Imran Khan expressed astonishment at his “controversial” stance on the next army head choice, asking how criminal and guilty politicians Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari could be permitted to select the current military top.

The biggest distinction here between the West and Pakistan is that no one in the West is immune to the law, he stated, adding that the rule of law is a major difference between humans and animals.

“How will our moral standing be affected if we allow an absconder, corrupt, and guilty person [Nawaz] to appoint the army chief?”

How can a prime minister talk about the issue of army chief appointment with an absconder, Imran remarked in response to PM Shehbaz Sharif’s conversation with his elder brother Nawaz in London?

We are investigating this subject from a legal standpoint,” he added, adding that only a legitimate government that comes to power following the elections has the authority to choose the next army chief.

He further stated that the institution might have saved his administration from the coalition’s no-confidence vote since reports from agencies were being received.