Imran Khan is in front of JIT on terrorism-related accusations

Imran Khan

Imran Khan, the PTI leader responded to the JIT’s inquiries by stating that he had demanded legal action be taken against the judge who had released his aide Shahbaz Gill from custody despite allegations of torture.

Imran Khan Front of JIT:

The forensic team gave Imran a questionnaire with 21 questions on it, and the detectives also orally questioned him about a few of the topics. According to sources, the team led by the senior director of police inquiry questioned him for around 20 minutes.

The former prime minister insisted that he had not engaged in any act of terrorism during his address in the statement he provided to the JIT.

He emphasized that his comments did not constitute acts of terrorism and that he had made reference to judicial action.

Additionally, SP Investigation Rukhsar Mehdi, head of the JIT, received written testimony from Imran. Imran said in the speech that the police had filed a terrorism case against him as a result of intimidation from the imported government.

When asked if he had incited a sense of apprehension by verbally abusing policemen and the court of the inferior courts, the PTI leader claimed that nothing of the sort had happened. He continued by saying that he believe it to be untrue and malicious.

Despite the fact that the PTI chairman stayed there for almost 20 minutes, the officers did not investigate him in the manner in which they typically question criminals.

According to sources who spoke with the Media outlet, a thorough investigation entailed looking beyond the suspect’s statement to the allegations brought before them.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan is in front of JIT on terrorism-related accusations

A comparison evaluation was conducted rather than the defendant being cross-examined in light of the evidence at hand.

The investigating team obtained a sworn affidavit from the accused in this case, they added, and it was handled as a formality.

The following hearing would include the presentation of the inquiry findings in court. Imran actually attended the JIT after twice avoiding its call.

The former premier described the filing of the terror allegations against him as comic in a press conference following his appearance before the JIT.

The more that the current administration comes after him, he added a message to them, the more equipped they need to be.

According to the PTI leader, a mass of individuals has started coming out and the administration is helpless to confront the public.

When he recently held a telethon to raise money for flood victims, he once more asserted that the authorities had shut down tv stations. He continued by saying that they do not receive any compensation for their crime.

Imran remarked It is a joke when asked about the terrorism allegation brought before them. In front of everyone, I’m making a joke.

Because? Because I’m well-known, news of Imran Khan’s FIR (first information report) being filed on terrorism-related accusations has made headlines all over the world.

He emphasized that everyone in the world is aware of what constitutes terrorist charges. If you’re accusing me of being a terrorist because I said that we would file a lawsuit to stop the torture of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill while he was being held, then you’re getting mocked by everyone in the world, you know.