Imran Khan proposes a limited extension in COAS Gen Bajwa’s tenure

According to the Imran Khan chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, “Only those countries flourish that follow merit.”

Imran Khan:

“A cricket board that is chosen on the basis of merit can only succeed. Equal opportunity is crucial for the success of any institution, he continued.

“As I’ve said, the military chief’s role is crucial. The selection process must be merit-based. Imran made this argument while arguing for the selection of the new army chief following the elections.

“I will reiterate time after time over that it must be done on merit,” he said.

According to him, none Asif Ali Zardari nor Nawaz Sharif met the requirements of merit to be named the new army leader, and they both possessed the legitimate right to participate in such a crucial judgment process.

“One is a condemned absconder with wealth stored overseas; he is pushed on others through a foreign conspiracy,” the man stated.

In contrast, Asif Zardari has been taking bribes for 30 years. Merit is not their top priority. Imran asserted, “Their top objective is to protect their assets.

What makes Nawaz Sharif, a fugitive who is currently abroad, qualified to name a new defense minister?

However, he went on to say that if both parties are successful in “free and fair” elections, they are free to choose the army chief.

“Conduct new elections. The partnership administration would be able to pick its own army chief if it prevails.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan proposes a limited extension in COAS Gen Bajwa’s tenure

When questioned if he agreed with the notion of giving the current army head a longer term given that elections, even if they are declared today, cannot be held until December, Imran claimed that juridical and constitutional experts might come up with a solution.

Again, the PTI leader stated that if the current administration was prepared to call new elections, he would be open to conversation.

He claimed that because Pakistan was where he would live and die, he was interested in its development. “I’m always available to speak if they want to discuss free and fair elections,” I said.

The six-year term of General Qamar expires in late November, and the top military spokesperson had previously made it clear that he had no plans to ask for another extension.

The military’s media wing has not yet responded to Imran’s most recent remark.

Imran Khan granted Gen. Qamar a three-year extension in November 2019 in light of the global regulatory environment and difficulties.

The increase in coverage became contentious when it was contested well before Supreme Court.

The army legislation must be amended to make way for extension, and the apex court gave lawmakers six months to do so. With the backing of the present governing parties, the parliament overwhelmingly passed the amending measure.

The PTI leader publicly accused the Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz of pushing for the nomination of an army commander of their choosing in an effort to protect their reputations from corruption allegations, which elicited a sharp response from the army.

They fear that if a competent and loyal army head is appointed, he will question them about the looted cash, so they want to deploy their personal army chief, he claimed.

In response to a query, the army chief stated that the military had now accepted the proper mandate and asked the politicians to safeguard this function.

We will support it because “the establishment is siding with the Constitution, not with a person or political party.”

The minister acknowledged that legal action would be taken in the matter of Imran being held in contempt of court, but he also blamed the previous president of Pakistan for attempting to obstruct the legal procedures. Imran wants to obtain a judgment of his choosing regardless of whether it comes to the courts.