Imran Khan says that the country will devolve into chaos elections are not conducted.

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Imran Khan, the current chairman of the PTI and a former prime minister, issued a warning on Sunday that the nation might descend into chaos if elections are not conducted that are free and fair.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan expressed his concern about the “dangerous” state that Pakistan’s economy is in a while speaking to party members who were rallying against inflation via video connection.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman stated that “neutrals” were informed about the American plot to overthrow his government, and he warned that the country would be ruined if the PTI was removed from power. The incoming government will not be able to save it. He also repeated his claim that the United States was behind the plot.

Khan further said that the “neutrals” were provided with information on all of this when there was still enough time to stop the plot.

According to the PTI chairman, the dollar value was 178 when the vote of no confidence was taken, but it has since increased to 208. In addition, he said that, in his opinion, the nation is now at the same level as Sri Lanka.

“Miftah Ismail pleaded with the American ambassador to get some kind of help. Nothing is free; everything has a cost, and Imran Khan has warned that the United States would take our actual freedom as the cost. In addition, he shared his knowledge with the minister of finance and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, telling them that the Americans assign a value to everything.

In addition, the former prime minister said that the current authorities wanted to seize an “NRO 2,” and they succeeded.

The institutions will be destroyed if the nation is forced to endure these rulers for an extended period. Khan emphasized that the whole of the country must cooperate in this struggle.

“Call for the improvement of the nation.”
The chairman of the PTI said that people demonstrated to make their nation better and added that individuals have the right to speak out against injustice.

“I urged you to come here today for your development. “Because I worry that the hike in gasoline prices that we saw today is only the beginning,” the former prime minister said to his followers.

The chairman of the PTI anticipates that inflation will continue to climb, and he warned that the people impacted by it would be those in the lower class, salaried class, and farmers in particular.

“Today, every Pakistani wants to know what has occurred in the nation after the no-confidence motion,” said Imran Khan. “What has happened in the country following the no-confidence motion?” He also said that the coalition administration asserts he is responsible for leaving “landmines” behind.

They have been participating in the IMF program for the last two months, whereas we have been doing so for the past two and a half months. Were we not under any kind of price-hiking pressure? Have we not been in regular negotiation with the IMF? Questioned the chairman of the PTI.

According to the chairman of the PTI, when the IMF urged his administration to increase prices, they declined the request because they were aware of the effect it would have on the people.

“We were able to pull it off by getting money from various sources. “We were also participating in IMF programs, but we cared about our people,” Imran said.

According to the chairman of the PTI, the coalition government is claiming that they were given a poor version of Pakistan, but this is not the case. Instead, he said that the current account deficit was a “true landmine” that had been left for the PTI by the government of the PML-N from 2013-to 2018. This imbalance ballooned during that period.

The PTI chairman said that to combat the growing cost of oil, his administration had planned to purchase oil from Russia so that the burden would not be passed on to the general public. He was also perplexed as to why the current administration was hesitant to discuss the possibility of purchasing oil from Russia.

Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI, had issued a call to action to the general public on Thursday to participate in national protests against the “imported” administration.

A response to his demand, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) staged demonstrations in the following locations throughout the country: Islamabad’s F-9 Park, Karachi’s Shahrah-e-Qauideen, Lahore’s Liberty Chowk, Faisalabad’s Ghanta Ghar chowk, Rawalpindi’s Commercial Market, Multan’s Shah Abdullah chowk. The protests took place in several other cities around the nation as well.