Imran Khan: Snap polls are vital for the nation

Imran Khan

The PTI leader Imran khan addressed the government and members of the Punjab Assembly at a meeting, saying, evolution is at the door and it must be given way through fair elections.

Imran Khan:

The meeting took place at Punjab House in Islamabad to talk about the political climate in Pakistan as a whole, the crisis caused by flash floods and torrential rains, administrative objectives for the province, and the urgency of holding elections as soon as possible.

The former premier insisted that the PTI’s victory in the Punjab by-elections was evidence of the public’s support for the party.

He continued by saying that PTI lawmakers ought to support Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab and a PML-Q leader who believed in accomplishing goals through practical means.

Imran continued by saying that Punjab’s residents were counting on the PTI to carry out its platform of genuine independence.

The PTI chairman has regularly accused the US of waging a “regime change operation” in the nation and imposing leaders to suit its interests.

He asserted that the “US-orchestrated strategy” that led to his removal from office was motivated by his pursuit of a “independent foreign policy.”

In a brief address to the provincial parliamentarians, the PTI leader urged the Punjab cabinet and the party membership to remain steadfast in their support of the populace’s claim to “real independence.”

Imran remarked that even though he believed the PTI had the support of the people, the party will soon have to begin organizing for polls.

The provincial MPs and the PTI chairman spoke about “the prohibition on media, retaliation against political rivals, and breaches of human rights” during the meeting.

The gathering also resulted in the passage of four resolutions. The first resolution commended the PTI chairman’s efforts to raise money for the impacted people through telethons and emphasized solidarity with the flood relief across the nation.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan: Snap polls are vital for the nation

They criticised the current government for its “economic ruin” and chastised it for taxing the populace with inflation that was out of control through the second resolution.

The fourth resolution denounced the “shameful propaganda” based on religious hatred against Imran that was broadcast on PTV at taxpayer money. The third resolution affirmed full trust in the leadership of the PTI chairman.

The meeting’s attendees decided to strengthen the coalition parties’ cooperation within the Punjab administration.

The provincial leadership and Imran both reaffirmed their complete faith in the Punjab chief minister’s ability to lead and in the current administrative initiatives and plans he has put in place.

Additionally, a plan was developed to address the issues that each member of the provincial legislature was having on an individual basis.

The former premier advised PTI members to maintain in touch with the general public while congratulating the provincial MPs on their historic victory in the Punjab by-elections.

Following the discussion, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry spoke to the media and predicted that the country’s current state would either trigger legislative elections or an insurrection.

He further stated that polls were the most crucial issue facing the nation and that they would bring about political stability.

The PTI was calling for free and fair elections, but the administration was avoiding them, harming the nation, according to former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.