Imran khan threatens to ‘reveal everything’ if harassment of PTI workers

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Imran Khan Press Conference:

The former prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, said on Wednesday that he would reveal who was behind the attempt to remove his government if his persecution and that of his party were not stopped.

imran khan press
Imran threatens to ‘reveal everything’ if harassment of PTI workers

In a video message from Islamabad, he said, “If we are pushed against the wall and persecuted, then I will be obligated to speak up and will lay naked everything before the nation regarding what transpired.”

Imran asserted that he was “silent” despite being fully aware of “who did what” to force his resignation. He added,

“I know how this conspiracy happened and who is involved,” said he did it for the good of the country and to prevent any harm. In case anything happened to him, the PTI chairman claimed that he had previously recorded a video so that the people would be able to see “which characters did what and who perpetrated this big treachery with the country.”

Imran first mentioned his DVD when he said that his life was in danger and that he had recorded a movie outlining everyone who had “conspired against me” in May.

Imran khan
Imran threatens to ‘reveal everything’ if harassment of PTI workers

The PTI chairman asserts that he was removed from the top position as a result of his pursuit of an independent foreign policy by foreign powers acting via local players. In his statement today, Imran equated the demise of his administration to that of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He asserted that both government transitions were motivated by US resistance to Pakistan pursuing a separate foreign policy.

Imran attacked the coalition government’s present leaders and members, saying they only worried about achieving “NRO-2” and that they had smashed inflation records despite having campaigned against it under the PTI government.

Pointing to the throngs that had gathered in response to the PTI’s protest calls, he continued that the country was refusing to accept the current administration. Whoever was a part of the plot should have known that people are not going to accept these liars and traitors, he continued.

Khan further argued that there were similarities between his ouster and that of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was deposed by military dictator Ziaul Haq in 1977, in that both men lost their positions as a result of US opposition to Pakistan’s attempts to pursue a distinct foreign policy.

He also turned his guns on them by accusing the current leadership of corruption and attempted to mediate a deal to hide their depravity. Khan further accused the administration of intimidating journalists, particularly those who are thought to be PTI supporters.

“I’ve never seen such authoritarianism and the kind of terror that is being promoted,” he asserted of Pakistan.

‘Never seen such fascism in Pakistan’

Imran criticized the conduct of journalists in particular, alleging that they are targeted for harassment and threats, especially if they are seen to be PTI supporters.

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Imran threatens to ‘reveal everything’ if harassment of PTI workers

“I’ve never seen such fascism or the degree of dread that Pakistan is encouraging. I ask the nation and our courts today: Are fundamental rights suspended in Pakistan? Is martial law still in place? Which constitution permits this?”

Further accusing the government of involvement in the rigging of the upcoming Punjab by-elections, Imran encouraged supporters of the PTI to show out in force.