Imran says ECP received prohibited funding case decision from ‘somewhere else

Imran Khan

Terming the prohibited funding case decision “wrong”, former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Friday that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) received the decision from “somewhere else”.

Imran Khan throughout a gathering with senior journalists and anchorpersons at his Bani Gala in the capital of Pakistan said that we did not hide any kind of funding from the ECP.

The former premier said that his party did not take pleasure in something unlawful. Founder of the Dubai-based Abraaj group Arif Naqvi, he said, did not do any felonious funding, adding that the queries were being asked after a law was modified in 2017.

He said that they convey Shoukat Khanum accounts to me. Imran Khan said that ECP gave verdicts over and over against him and his party. He said that fundraising is completed in the same manner everywhere around the planet.

If any cash has come to the party that mustn’t have come then the utmost which will be done is to confiscate that cash, and court corrected ECP over and over.

Imran Khan
Imran says ECP received prohibited funding case decision from ‘somewhere else

Imran khan said that the Chief Of Election Commission of Pakistan was a giant mistake in his political career.

Imran khan said that in Toshakhana [case], everything is asserted, and we’re not in any danger as a result of it. He said that they’ll not be able to end our party as public movements can not be quashed like that.

Imran Khan said that in the long march, he was given false assurances concerning the general elections. He said that once the date of the long march approached, I used to be told to delay it, and at the same time, they tried to arrest me.

The former prime minister said that there was no dispute with the military and there was no disagreement over any appointment. He said that the new army chief ought to come from inside the establishment on a merit basis.

Reiterating his stance over the snap polls within the country, he said that it was within the interest of Pakistan to carry out early and immediate elections.

He added that the answer to the country’s issues lies in an exceedingly sturdy government coming in and finding solutions to those issues.

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday rejected the election commission’s decision regarding the prohibited funding case against his party, accusing the poll body’s chief of conspiring “in cahoots” with the imported government to take a technical knockout of his party.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan said that the law that prohibited taking funds from foreign firms was introduced in 2017 and hastened to feature.

He said that however, our case is from 2012. He said that his party had received the cash in 2012 from 2 fundraising dinners that Arif Naqvi had organized.

He conjointly tagged rivals Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) as mafias.

He said that across the planet, political parties raise cash by hosting dinners, explaining that the donations throughout those events were later given to the party.

Earlier that day, Khan declared his party employees would protest outside the ECP workplace in the capital of Pakistan to press for Raja’s resignation.

Imran Khan
Imran says ECP received prohibited funding case decision from ‘somewhere else

He set to alter the venue once the police blockaded the roads leading to the place and therefore the government vowed to prevent the protestors.

He wrote that CEC & ECP in collusion with foreign govt conspired to undertake a knockout against PTI after PMLN got routed in Punjab by-elections despite the support of entire state machinery & ECP shenanigans. Currently, they’re cowering in worry about the same happening to the whole PDM in General Elections.

The protest decision comes days after the ECP in the foreign funding case set that Khan’s PTI received funding from prohibited sources and was concerned out of sight about the cash it received from numerous sources.

Pakistan’s Election Commission on Tuesday said that Khan’s party received funds against the foundations from thirty-four foreign nationals, together with businesswomen of Indian origin, in an exceedingly major blow to the previous prime minister.

A three-member bench of the ECP issued a show cause notice to Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party for receiving prohibited funding from foreign nationals and foreign-based firms.

After the protest decision, several PTI supporters gathered at Islamabad’s F-9 park in the evening to protest against the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

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They raised slogans against the Election Commission of Pakistan and demanded the resignation of its official.
Separately, PTI lawmakers reached outside the ECP workplace in the capital of Pakistan and registered their protest.