Islamabad reports 67 dengue fever cases in 24 hours

Islamabad Dengue

32 instances were detected in the Islamabad capital country’s rural parts, while 35 cases were identified from the city, based on the primary healthcare officer in Islamabad.

Islamabad Dengue:

The DHO reported that on the previous day, 18 dengue victims were brought to PIMS Hospital, four to CDA Hospital, four to FG Hospital, and three to the medical center.

In accordance with the county health authority, this season, there have been 613 emergency room visits for dengue fever sufferers, and three fatal cases have been documented.

According to information provided by the state hospitals, malaria cases in Karachi have surpassed the 3,000 marks for the ongoing year.

Since the beginning of September, Karachi has seen an overall 843 cases of vector-borne illness.

There have been 113 dengue infections registered in the city over the past 24 hours. In the county as a whole, 3428 dengue instances have been identified so far this year.

Islamabad Dengue
Islamabad reports 67 dengue fever cases in 24 hours

Yesterday, there were no dengue cases recorded in the regions of Hyderabad or Larkana. It should be highlighted that the East region of Karachi is experiencing a significant dengue outbreak.

Hunaid Lakhani, a well-known entrepreneur, activist, and academic, died on Thursday in Karachi from dengue.

The number of verified dengue cases has risen to 830, according to Dr. Sajjad, who also noted that approximately 47 additional cases were detected in Rawalpindi over the course of the previous day.

He reported that out of the fresh instances, 33 victims had come from the Potohar town urban area, eight from Rawalpindi Cantonment, two from Taxila Fort, and one each from the Municipal Corporation, Rawalpindi, Potohar rural, Chaklala Cantonment, and Murree.

According to Dr. Sajjad, every treatment option for dengue disease patients has been planned, including any precautionary action that might be necessary.

According to Dr. Sajjad Mehmood, County Commissioner of Epidemics Prevention and Control (DCEPC), 70 patients were taken to Holy Trinity Hospital, 40 to Tehsil Health center, and 33 to Benazir Bhutto Treatment center.