Japan delivers emergency relief goods for flood victims

Japan government stood by Pakistan in these extreme flood circumstances and has recently delivered a shipment of emergency relief goods to Pakistan, where flooding has killed more than 1,600 people and displaced millions over the next three days. The embassy also urged its citizens to exercise caution when traveling in the country.

Japan Emergency Relief to Pakistan

The products were transferred by a representative member of JICA (Japanese International Cooperational Agency), named Kinoshita Yasumitsu.

They were received at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi where there was also present the consul-general of Japan.

When this generous and helpful contribution was being made, all the Japanese were also addressed regarding the immense destruction that floods had caused.

All about how the floods began at the end of July and have affected around 20 million people across Pakistan was discussed. In accordance with it.

They were also very appreciated for their help regarding such a devastating time in Pakistan. As we all are aware that almost half of the total area is suffering from flood conditions.

The news which came in the view of press was that on 29 of August Japanes Government decided on their own to raise their hands for helping the disastrous situations that flood has caused in Pakistan. However, the goods were sent on 31 of August in Balochistan, because there it all started!

Japan delivers emergency relief goods for flood victims

Odagri, the consul-general of Japan also said at that moment about the grieving and sad feelings of Japanes Government for the conditions floods are causing in Pakistan.

He quoted that these floods have even broken the record of the flood caused in 2010, while hoping that their contribution will make a difference in these difficult situations.

Furthermore, Odagri also urged upon the needs of the flood victims regarding food and other basic things that were absolutely white-washed during flood.

Due to which the United Nations (UN) has also aked the whole world to unite in such conditions to help Pakistan.

As we all know that Japan has always stood with Pakistan through thick and thin, the representative of JICA, Kinoshita also expressed his deep condolences for the families who suffered by the floods.

Such families who lost their relatives and loved ones to the flood, and also he related their own past experiences of immense disastrous situation that they faced. However he also convinced the people of Pakistan tha Japan is with us in this difficult time.

Kinoshita further also stated that JICA’s and Pakistan’s government’s partnership in the disaster management have been since almost decades. If you must know that JICA helped pakistan to form its first ever disaster management strategy in 2012.

At the end Kinoshita also expressed that how moved he was after seeing the measures taken by the NDMA in the flood relief regard.

Moreover, he concluded his discussion by stating that JICA is fully in the support of helping Pakistan through this diffcult time by its relief, recovery an rehabillations measures. Therefore, thy had come up with the slogan of BBB, Buil Back Better!