King Charles will host international leaders, Prior to the Queen’s funeral

King Charles

It was reported that King Charles will be hosting all the foreign leaders before the Queen’s cremation ceremony.

King Charles:

The Queen journeyed from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall yesterday (Wednesday) where she currently lies in state, as the world watched as people lined up for hours to pass by.

More information on her funeral arrangements and what will happen to a family and a country in mourning over the next few days has been released by the Palace today.

The Queen’s four children will conduct a final vigil on Friday night at 7.30 p.m. for 15 minutes before the State Funeral on Monday, September 19, at 11 a.m.

Along with the British Army’s Household Division, the King, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward will kneel at the corners of their mother’s casket.

As world leaders, monarchs, and queens travel to London for the funeral, along with sizable audiences from home and abroad, it will be one of the largest policing operations in British heritage.

Sunday’s banquet at Buckingham Palace will be the established state function prior to the burial for King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort.

king charles
King Charles will host international leaders, Prior to the Queen’s funeral

Foreign leaders who visit the country will also be permitted to view the Queen’s Lying in State in Westminster Hall of legislature before the cremation.

The Earl Marshal, Edward Fitzalan-Howard, the Duke of Norfolk, who oversees state events for England, declared that many people, across many countries, have experienced a tremendous feeling of loss as a result of Her Majesty’s demise.

He further continued that it is their hope and conviction that the state funeral and the activities of the next days will bring people together around the world.

James Cleverly, the international minister of the United Kingdom, will hold a reception for visitors at neighbouring Church House right after the funeral on Monday as members of the royal family make their way to Windsor for the queen’s interment.

Although Buckingham Palace will determine the funeral’s dress code, British embassies are recommending international attendees to wear dark formal apparel, although traditional clothing is also acceptable. Military service members will be permitted to don ceremonial garb, blades or no weapons.

Other activities taking place before the service include the King and Queen Consort hosting heads of state and official foreign guests at Buckingham Palace on Sunday in what was characterized as an official state function by a Palace aide today(Thursday).

On Friday, the pair will also visit Wales. This will be their penultimate stop in the United Kingdom ever since the Queen’s passing and a reminder that Charles served as the Prince of Wales for the longest period of time ever.

Except for Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus, and Myanmar, practically every leader of the state in the world received an invitation from Britain.

Since Britain does not officially maintain diplomatic ties with Syria or Venezuela, they are not invited. According to a source, Afghanistan was not invited owing to the current political scenario.

Due to the incursion of Ukraine, neither Russia nor Belarus are allowed to send any delegates. For the burial and the luncheon with King Charles on Sunday, foreign office representatives have handwritten over 1,000 summons in all.