LHC seeks an answer from ECP on Ishaq Dar’s disqualification case


LAHORE: The Lahore high court (LHC) on Wednesday sought-after replies from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) following a petition that pleaded the disqualification of PML-N chief Ishaq Dar as a member of the Senate.

The LHC On Ishaq Dar Disquakufucation:

The petition sought an early resolution on the reference to a lower place Article 63(2), sixty-two, and 63(O) of the Constitution, which was unfinished before the electoral watchdog since February 22, 2022.

The petitioner recommends, that Advocate Azhar Siddique, highlight that the High Court had declared the former minister of finance Ishaaq Dar a “defaulter” via the three-judge bench headed by ex-chief justice of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Saqib Nisar after he detected the suo moto case towards Attaul Haq Qasmi’s “illegal” appointment as PTV leader.

He maintained that the high court docket commands former ministers Pervez Rashid and Ishaq Dar additionally to the former vital secretary to the premier answerable of Qasmi’s appointment and therefore the financial blessings he had won. The court docket had declared Qasmi as a “beneficiary of bootleg acts”.

Azhar persevered that Pervaiz Rashid and Ishaq Dar had been accountable for ignoring the law and unnoticed their duty to confer edges on Mr. Qasmi.

He additionally mentioned that in keeping with the judgment, over Rs190 million had been spent on the kind of salaries and perks granted to Qasmi.

Ordering that the amount spent on the previous MD and chairman of PTV be coming via those involved in the unlawful appointment, the bench had said that Qasmi pays fifty percent of the amount, whereas the previous ministers Pervaiz Rasheed and Ishaq Dar pay two hundred percent each and therefore the former principal secretary to the premier can be got to submit 10% of the Rs.190.78 million”.

Ishaq Dar LHC
LHC seeks an answer from ECP on Ishaq Dar’s disqualification case

The judgments stated that Qasmi’s behavior was unacceptable and he shouldn’t be appointed to any such post in the future.

Advocate Siddique implored that in the read of the said info and cases, the place of job of the petitioner captive a reference to a lower place the related constitutional articles to the place of job of chairman Senate, on Nov 6, 2021, concerning submitting of a reference to ECP for the disqualification of Dar as member Senate on concerning being a “defaulter”.

According to Azhar, no date has been mounted since May twenty-six (26), as 2 months had been bimanual and therefore the ECP are deliberately lingering on the matter on one pretext or another clear simply to facilitate the fugitive from justice.

He contended before the court docket that the ECP delisted this case a lot of instances that he believed were once towards the norms of the Constitution.

The recommend additional claimed that the ECP’s alleged act of changing into a member of palms with the govt. not handiest “ruined its image” however additionally raised several queries on its neutrality.

The suggest additionally argued that the ECP had as long as been an independent and impartial institution but currently the effect was once totally changed as a result of it absolutely was once considered a ‘camp of specific political events.

He asked that the court docket direct the ECP to come back to a conclusion on this subject as early as conceivable somewhat than holding it unresolved.

In June, former minister of finance and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader Ishaq Dar received a new Pakistani passport.

It is pertinent to say here that the previous minister of finance left Pakistan four years back and is needed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in multiple cases.

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Ishaaq Dar was electoral as a legislator on a technocrat seat from the province Punjab in 2018. Ishaaq Dar could not take oath as he stayed in London in that time. However, the Supreme Court suspended his membership over his failure to appear in court on May 8, 2018.

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