Maryam Said Imran Mad PM Shehbaz’s successes are motivating “foreign agents

Maryam Nawaz claimed on Monday that Fitna Khan’s gibberish regarding PM Shehbaz Sharif was a sign of his suffering.

Maryam Fire On Imran Khan:

Imran Khan must “make his dollars halal,” the PML-N stalwart added. However, she said, the former prime minister’s only fate is to be scorched in enmity.

In a different tweet, Maryam stated that the opposition had gone beyond all reasonable bounds in their oppression of the PML-N supreme leader and that witnessing three-time prime minister Nawaz Sharif establishing Pakistan’s political landscape once more was a punishment for them.

She added that the opponent did everything possible to remove Nawaz Sharif from Pakistani politics. Imran was charged on Thursday with engaging in “dirty politics” by Maryam.

The PML-N leader further explained that the PTI chairman altered the meaning of religion to suit his preferences while speaking to the media in front of the High Court of Islamabad.

When someone says that choosing for the PML-N and not the PTI is a sin, she responded, Religion is a personal affair, but it does not.

According to the PML-N, the former prime minister claimed that party members who chose to change sides were engaging in shirk.

“Shirk’s definition equates Almighty with partners. Are you [Imran] altering the definition of religion and the entire vocabulary to suit your abhorrent politics? She questioned.

Maryam Said Imran Mad PM Shehbaz’s successes are motivating “foreign agents,

She said, If you believe this to be a shirk, then you are the worst offender since you stated in TV interviews that you used the system to get people to vote for you.

She pleaded with Imran to refrain from politicizing Islam because it”hurt the sensibilities of millions of Muslims.

She added that PM Shehbaz had prevented a default and rescued the nation. The PML-N leader continued by saying that the economy of the nation was progressively improving.

In addition, she stated that the government should not be pushed into calling for early elections.

“There are also officers who have sacrificed everything to get to this point. Imran Khan is being abused by those who view him as their blue-eyed boy, she continued.

Maryam claimed that although on the one hand Imran lacked the courage to name Mr. X and Mr. Y, on the other hand, he was encouraging his party members to retaliate against the purported threats. Ironically, she continued, he always kept his backers in the dark about his late-night meetings.

On Monday, the PTI chairman urged members of his party and supporters to retaliate against individuals who have threatened them from strange phone numbers.

Imran advised the party members to destroy “the idol of fear” and counter their threats with more threats by invoking the enigmatic characters “Mr. X” and “Mr. Y.”

She claimed that despite Imran Khan frequently blaming the United States for overthrowing his government, he had recently made a dramatic about-face and started campaigning for that nation.

Imran was also criticized by Maryam for allegedly maligning government institutions and for allegedly engaging in extensive corruption with his “motley crew.”

At the same time, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had not provided any supporting documentation in the cases brought against her and other PML-N leadership.

She claimed that the PTI government’s breach of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Imran Khan’s incapacity are the primary causes of the inflationary pressure.