MQM-P seeks an end to the nation’s human rights breaches

MQM Pakistan

MQM politician Kishwar Zehra also called for swift justice for those involved in the heinous killings during a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights, which was presided over by Mehreen Razak Bhutto. As we all know that MQM plays a historic role in the workings of Karachi.

MQM Pakistan:

105 of our members are missing. The relatives of the other 102 missing MQM workers are afraid now that three bodies have been discovered, she said. 3 MQM workers’ bodies were discovered in the interior of Sindh, which could spark riots, she added.

Too many people were affected due to the harmless killing who is responsible for all of it, all such types of questions were raised by the leader of MQM.

The barbaric and arbitrary killings of its blameless employees are vehemently denounced by the MQM, according to Zehra. “Immediate action at the congressional and government levels against the murder of MQM workers is urgently required.”

The lawmakers declared that it was unacceptable for human rights to be violated in Pakistan. Bring them before the court if they have broken the law, she continued.

“Actions should be taken to deal with individuals implicated in crimes in accordance with legal processes.”

She urged the committee to pay attention to egregious human rights breaches and come up with solutions. She pleaded for the arrest and prosecution of those guilty for the deaths.

MQM Pakistan
MQM-P seeks an end to the nation’s human rights breaches

Participating in the conversation, panel member Mohsin Dawar noted that there was no end in sight to the terrible problem of forced disappearance. The committee has denounced any human rights abuses, the chair noted.

The committee then talked about Pakistan’s policy regarding Afghan refugees. Farhatullah Babar dragged his feet on the subject and urged the creation of a parliamentary committee, claiming that it was also a national safety issue.

When a two-member PPP delegation visited the MQM-temporary P’s headquarters in Bahadurabad and engaged in extensive conversation, the two parties came to a new understanding.

The discussion, which lasted nearly two hours, primarily covered the LG legislation revision and the province’s empowered local body system as specified in last month’s “Charter of Rights.”

Amir Khan, Kanwar Naveed Jamil, Khawaja Izhar ul Hasan, and Javed Hanif of the MQM-P spoke with the PPP delegation, provincial ministers Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, and Saeed Ghani.

Before completing the text of the local government changes, the two parties decided to meet again. So that they could further discuss deeply the issues related to terrorism issues. And establish a good solution for the future and good of not only Karachi but the whole country.

Also, people were shocked to know when it was disclosed to the committee that there was no official position on the Afghan refugees.

Officials said that 14 million Afghan refugees’ data was in the government’s possession and that all enrolled and vetted Afghan refugees were included.

The National Commission for Children’s Rights Chairperson criticized the previous administration for keeping the commission dormant during the meeting.

She claimed that for the previous two years, members of the committee had not received their pay.