Pakistan: Imran Khan opposes sale of national assets

Imran Khan

Imran khan is opposed to the selling of Pakistan’s national assets.

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI), has voiced his opposition to the legislation that was passed by the federal government to allow for the sale of national assets in an effort to ease the current economic crisis that the country is experiencing.

Imran Khan Media Talk:

A day after the cabinet adopted the ordinance, the Chairman of the PTI, Imran Khan, remarked on Twitter that “thieves” should not be permitted to sell the assets. He was referring to the people who stole the assets

Imrak Khan
Pakistan: Imran Khan opposes sale of national assets


‘How an imported government brought to power by US conspiracy can, led by ‘crime minister’ who’s family together with Zardari had volumes published on their corruption?’ he asked. That’s what he told me, anyway.

He went on to say that the persons in question had been “looting” Pakistan for the previous three decades and that they were to blame for the country’s current economic disaster.

The chairman of the PTI went on to say that the “thieves” should not be given permission to sell the national assets in the sneaky method that they were attempting to do so.

The documents state that the proposed law will provide a mechanism for conducting business transactions within an intergovernmental framework agreement, with the goal of attracting and encouraging foreign nations to establish economic and commercial ties with Pakistan.

All of this will be carried out with the goal of attracting and encouraging international trade and commerce with Pakistan.

This means that the rule will apply to all “commercial transactions,” such as sales, purchases, investments, divestitures, procurements, licenses, leases, joint ventures, concessions, assignments, and any other agreements that result from G2G (government-to-government) or commercial agreements.

In accordance with the ordinance, judicial scrutiny will not be applicable to the process of selling the assets and stock of state-owned businesses to other countries.

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The assertion that the proposed law would enable the government to sell any asset of the nation without adhering to the established protocol will not be supported, according to a source within the government.

The proposed law will be presented to parliament for approval. Imran Khan made the assertion. Without the approval of the cabinet, no asset will be put up for sale.

One of the sources cited in support of the proposed legislation claimed that, with the exception of one agreement, none of Pakistan’s agreements with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Qatar have materialized over the course of the past five years because the respective governments of those countries were unwilling to invest through the Privatization Commission. This argument was made in favor of the legislation.

Imran Khan
Pakistan: Imran Khan opposes sale of national assets

According to the source, no asset will be sold unless it first receives consent from the cabinet. In order to provide support for the proposed legislation, the source stated that, with the exception of one deal, not a single agreement that Pakistan had signed during the past five years with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or Qatar came to fruition,

Because foreign states were not willing to invest through the Privatization Commission. The new rule would open the door for governments in other countries to make direct investments in businesses and organizations controlled by their own governments.

This would result in an improvement to the administration of these organizations as a result of the fact that the aforementioned states would introduce more effective management to handle these businesses, according to the source.

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