Pakistan reports an increase in daily COVID-19 cases

pakistan covid-19

KARACHI: Pakistan’s coronavirus cases have systematically registered an increase over the last 3 days and there’s a danger that the whole country can suffer once again from this deadly virus, with the country reporting 599 infections within the last twenty-four hours, informed from the National Institute of Health (NIH) showed this morning.

Pakistan Covid-19

The active COVID-19 case count in Pakistan has exceeded the 10,000 mark again as 599 more individuals got infected with the virus throughout the last twenty-four hours

This brought the entire quantity of cases reported within the country to 1,548,394 since the pandemic started in 2020.

A day earlier, the country reported 592 cases and on July nineteen, 459 cases in 24 hours, reports from the agency showed.

As per the most recent statistics, the active COVID-19 case count in Pakistan has exceeded the 10,000 mark once again, hitting 10,004.

The last time the active case count grew 10,000 was on July 16 when the number of cases stood at 10,003.
The new COVID-19 infections were detected when diagnostic testing on 21,315 samples, inserting the country’s positivity rate at 2.81%.

Meanwhile, 3 patients littered with coronavirus succumbed to the unwellness in 24 hours, taking the country’s COVID-19 death toll to 30,455, whereas 265 patients recovered throughout the same time.

However, One hundred and seventy patients are still being treated in critical care units, aforesaid the agency.

Covid-19: hospitalization rate registers a 3-fold increase

Critical cases’ tally jumped from fifty-seven on June twenty to one seventy-four (174) on July 20.

pakistan covid-19
Pakistan reports an increase in daily COVID-19 cases

ISLAMABAD: The coronavirus hospitalization rate witnessed a three-fold increase over the past month in Pakistan because the tally of Covid-19 important cases jumped from fifty-seven on June 20 to one seventy four (174) on July 20, 2022, an analysis of the Covid-19-related reports of the National Health Institute (NIH) was unconcealed.

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According to the agency, on June 20, a nationwide total of 171 cases were detected at a positivity ratio of 1.53% which, since then, been unceasingly growing and nowadays, stands at 2.8% as of the past twenty-four hours, wide 592 new Covid-19 cases were reported when the total of 21,264 Covid-19 tests was conducted all over the country.

Health dept to observe Covid-19 state of affairs on an everyday basis

During the past month, the national and provincial health authorities have registered a complete sixty-nine (69) Covid-19 deaths, of which, seven deaths were reported yesterday within the twenty-four hours, taking the nationwide Covid-19 death tally to 30,452 since the pandemic eruption.

Since June 20, 2022, the country has reported a complete of 15,965 coronavirus cases, reflecting 532.2 cases per day as throughout this era the entire cases jumped up from 1,531,830 to 1,547,795.

Over the amount, the active cases’ tally has additionally witnessed an virtually three-fold increase because it jumped up from 3,369 on June 20 to 9,673 on July 20 yesterday.

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