Pakistan Won By 5 Wickets Asia Cup 2022

Pakistan Asia Cup 2002

Final Four part of the Asia Cup 2022, in which Pakistan defeated India by 5 wickets! A nail-biting match till the very over, people enjoyed a lot this match at the Dubai International Stadium, UAE.

Pakistan Asia Cup 2022

It is a matter of fact that Pakistan vs India is the only match that gathers a huge amount of crowd in the stadium, and the atmosphere is dramatically crazy during the match!

The same happened in this match which started with the batting of India. Pakistan won the toss but elected to field and turned out to make a wise decision in the end for sure!

It started with the fast and amazing fours and sixes of Rohit Sharma, captain of the Indian Cricket team. However, he could not stay for a long time on the crease.

Pakistan Asia Cup 2022
Pakistan Won By 5 Wickets Asia Cup 2022

Later on, India kept playing with the same pace of almost 9 runs per over, which is a lot to chase! India’s Vice Captain Virat Kohli was the one who stood on the crease for a long time and made India bring a nice total of 181 runs for Pakistan to chase.

The next innings began with Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan being openers. They started quite slow and steady, however, after two overs they were getting used to the pitch and bowlers and started hitting shots (Fours, Sixes).

However, this doesn’t last long as Babar’s wicket fell down soon. Everybody was a bit shaken because there were huge hopes from Babar Azam today! However, thanks to Rizwan who was there standing for his team although struggling with a hurting knee, which he got during the first innings while trying to catch the ball behind the wickets.

After Babar’s wicket fell, Fakhar Zaman was put into the play. His and Rizwan’s partnership was quite good as both of them are old players and also good friends.

Situations also seemed a little tense because at some points there was a large difference between the balls left and the score yet to reach. Then Fakhar Zaman also went back to the stands as his catch was caught by the Indian okay.

Then came Khushdill Shah, who had played a fantastic innings against Hong Kong in the start. He started a bit slow yet he also brought runs for Pakistan. Then a situation came when was half difference between the balls and runs required.

Like there were almost 25 balls left and 43 runs were to be acquired by Pakistan. The chances of winning of both teams were half and half.

A very tense situation occurs for Pakistan when another wicket fell of zaman in no time. However, there was still Rizwan standing on the crease and the hopes of endless supporters of Pakistan.

As the match progressed further, Asif Ali also came in for batting and scored multiple great shots by which the required runs by Pakistan were being reduced. It was the last over then,

when Iftikhar was standing on the pitch with Asif Ali and both of them scored the winning runs for Pakistan.

People cheered as it is always like winning the world cup when a match is against India. Whole Pakistani nation celebrated this historical win and the craziness of being happy was seen in the form of dancing people and firing in the air. All of these were being seen on the news channels.

Surely an entertaining and a nail biting match it was for both the teams!