PCB responds to Shahid Afridi allegations


Shahid Afridi a couple of days before talked to the media and unintentionally alleged the PCB for not providing proper care and medical facilities to the fast bowler Shaheen Afridi.

Shahid Afridi:

He got a bit infuriated regarding the fact that there were no arrangements made by the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) for the treatment of this Pakistani fast bowler.

The flashy all-rounder asserted that Shaheen was not receiving financial assistance from the PCB for recovery and basic healthcare.

Without specifically mentioning Shahid, the cricket governing body nevertheless stated in a statement that it has always been in charge of organizing the medical treatment and recovery of all of the players and will continue to do so going forward.

Initially released to provide updates on Pakistan batters Fakhar Zaman and Shaheen’s medical recovery, the statement stated that “It naturally follows that the PCB has been and will always remain to be responsible for organizing medical care and rehab of all its players seeking any therapy.”

According to the notification, Fakhar will leave for London today (Friday) to begin his therapy after breaking a leg on his right knee while catching during the ACC T20 Asia Cup final in Dubai.

According to the guidelines, the PCB had planned his appointments with doctors who would give him the best care possible for his recovery, it stated.

Additionally, the PCB declared that it would “make all pertinent compartment includes for Fakhar,” who would continue to be supervised by its advisory group.

PCB Shahid Afridi
PCB responds to Shahid Afridi allegations

In addition to being treated by the physicians on the advisory panel, Shaheen is also receiving exceptional care in London for his rehabilitation, and by the time of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in 2022, he will be fully recovered.

Recently, Shahid Afridi said in an interview with a private TV network that Shaheen travelled to England on his own dime for treatment. “He phoned the doctor I had set up there for him. Shaheen receives nothing from PCB “Speaking, Shahid.

Shaheen’s knee injury prevented him from participating in the T20 Asia Cup in 2022. He made the trip to London for his treatment.

As he continues to post videos from his recuperation process, the left-arm elite fast bowler is making progress toward recovery.

Shahid Afridi reportedly asserted that Shaheen travelled to England for treatment at his own cost while addressing a private TV channel.

The generous and super kind cricketer addressed a news channel while saying that he had himself arranged a professional doctor for Shaheen Afridi so that he cod recover fast.

He also added that PCB did nothing for the fast bowler.

In the Pakistan team for the tri-nation tournament in New Zealand and the T20 World Cup 2022, he has indeed been chosen.

The PCB has booked his hospital appointments with the experts who will be giving him the finest hospital services for his recovery in accordance with the rules, it stated.

The PCB added that Fakhar will continue to be supervised by its advisory group and that it will also establish proper means to provide regular facilities for him.