PM Shahbaz Sharif promises to take legal action.

PM shahbaz sharif

In response to Imran Khan’s anti-state speech, Shehbaz Sharif promises to take legal action.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has promised to take legal action against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for his “anti-state” speech that Khan delivered during a rally in Abbottabad on Sunday. The rally took place on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan referred to Imran’s speech as “a plot against Pakistan.”

The Prime Minister of Pakistan issued a statement on the official Twitter account of the PML-N, in which he referred to the individuals fabricating a narrative against national institutions as the “real Mir Jaffar’s and Mir Sadiq.”

In a speech by Imran Khan at a rally in Abbottabad, the premier stated that the state of Pakistan, the Constitution, and national institutions were challenged today. As a result, legal action will be taken against the chairman of the PTI.

In his statement, the Prime Minister added that Imran Khan is not hatching political conspiracies but plots against Pakistan. He said this about Khan’s actions. “Pakistan cannot be sacrificed on the basis of the ego, arrogance, and lies of one person,” said the foreign minister. According to the statement, “First, Imran Niazi conspired to drown Pakistan’s economy, and now he is trying to trigger a civil war.” [citation needed] “The administration will put an end to Imran Niazi’s plot to start a civil war in the nation,” the statement said.

Imran Niazi, according to the Prime Minister, “is the Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq of today, who wanted Pakistan to face the same fate as Libya and Iraq.” The Prime Minister went on to say this.

In addition, he stated that Imran was “biting the same hand that fed him.”
Neither his ego nor the Constitution of Pakistan, let alone Pakistan’s national institutions, can enslave Pakistan’s 220 million citizens. The statement said, “we will not allow him to become the Hitler of Pakistan.” “Imran Niazi wants to enslave the masses, but we will not allow him to become the Hitler of Pakistan.”

“Imran Niazi has lied numerous times, but the time has come for him to face the truth.”
Statements that are defamatory and inflammatory towards the army are particularly damaging: ISPR.

The Pakistan Armed Forces have condemned the “extremely damaging practice” of spreading “unsubstantiated, defamatory, and provocative statements and remarks” against them. They say that this practice has been going on for quite some time.

According to a statement released by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), there have recently been “intensified and deliberate attempts” made to drag the Pakistan Armed Forces and their leadership into the ongoing political discourse in the country.

“These attempts are manifest through direct, insinuated, or nuanced references to the armed forces as well as their senior leadership,” which were made by some political leaders, a few journalists, as well as commentators on various forums and communication platforms, including social media.

In the meantime, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) issued a warning to all expatriates of Pakistani descent, stating that their names could be placed on the Exit Control List if they made “offensive and seditious” posts on social media that could cause chaos in Pakistan.

It is strongly recommended that all expatriates of Pakistani origin living in countries other than Pakistan refrain from sowing discord in their home country while they are away. The FIA spokesperson said in a statement that users’ social media posts could not contain anything that could be considered offensive or seditious.

To ensure that the expatriates’ social media posts “do not constitute any offence,” the agency instructed them to read the “Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act 2016 (PECA).”