PM Shehbaz and Imran argue: A riff occurred on social media.

Imran Khan PM Shehbaz

The PTI founder questioned PM Shehbaz on Twitter a day ago:

PM Shehbaz and Imran on Twitter:

He stated in his tweet that, my question too (PM) Shehbaz Sharif: Are you willing to take responsibility for the conspiratorial effort to suppress us on media based on the fear of Tehreek-e-Insaf, tormenting news reporters and signing up subjective probability against them, getting knocked out me and Tehreek-e-Insaf on TV and YouTube and blocking the live coverage of my flood prevention charity event. This tweet landed like a live fire over the internet.

There were many re-tweets and comments from the public as well as known people, as we all are aware of the huge emerging crowd of PTI supporters.

Imran Khan also added by saying that, they all are aware that the PTI’s growth is a threat to your terrorist supporters and their funders.

It is your obligation to identify the perpetrators of the usurpation of our basic protections and deviation from journalism and communication independence obligations made at the global level.

Tuesday, in response to the PTI leader, PM Shehbaz stated that his administration was focused on relocating flood victims and did not have time for his accusations and misunderstandings.

The prime minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz, wrote on Twitter that his government was engaged in resuscitating the relief efforts, hence me and my party members do not have space for your charges and misconceptions.

The prime minister strongly believed that the PTI chairperson will answer for each and every penny spent or generated during the fundraising event as well as the donations gathered following the 2010 floods.

Imran Khan PM Shehbaz
PM Shehbaz and Imran argue: A riff occurred on social media.

As he and his party members always present their matters with regard to the funds raised for the flood victims.

In response to Imran’s allegations of persecution, PM Shehbaz said that the PTI was using these measures and restrictions, not us.

He continued, “We are merely taking the legal and constitutional course.

The government was previously criticized by the PTI for allegedly interfering with the broadcast of a telethon that the party organized for Sunday night to raise money from Pakistanis living abroad.

Separately, PM Shehbaz stated during the cabinet meeting on Tuesday that the people affected by the floods were upset with the politicians who were busy organizing protests despite the natural disaster in the country, and that the people will hold them accountable when the time came.

The populace is aware of who is involved in politics and who is working for them. Everyone is silent, but they are suffering, and they will speak up when the time is right, the premier was reported as saying by Express News.

In addition to doing their formal tasks, the premier advised the ministers to put more of their attention towards aiding the poor who were affected by the floods at this crucial moment.

We all have been aware of the fact that these two leaders have been involved in a battle for forever now. Let us just hope that their personal, as well as political difference, does not affect the front of our country.