PM Shehbaz says international assistance for the floods is laudable but insufficient


The prime minister Shehbaz Sharif described the difficulties the nation is experiencing as a result of the disastrous floods that have uprooted more than 33 million people in an interview.

PM Shehbaz Sharif:

He stated that “we are in the top 10 most vulnerable countries [to climate change]” and that the disastrous flood had claimed about 1,500 lives.

According to PM Shehbaz, standing crops on four million acres have been washed away, and thousands of homes have suffered damage.

The premier mentioned the conversations he had with numerous international leaders during the discussions he had outside of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

He specifically referred to Antonio Guterres’ most recent visit as UN Secretary-General. He witnessed this catastrophe firsthand.

“Prime Minister, it is amazing,” he exclaimed. He is a man who has devoted his life to humanitarian causes for many years, and he claimed to have never experienced such a dramatic circumstance.

He continued by saying that numerous foreign leaders had discussed the destruction in Pakistan. He added that he was “extremely thankful” to US President Joe Biden for raising Pakistan’s suffering, as had Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron.

The need for support and assistance in Pakistan is greater than it has ever been at this moment, according to many other officials who have openly highlighted the issue.

He emphasised the health issues among the displaced flood victims as he added, “This shows the intents and sincerity of global leaders, but I think it should come very quickly since time is rapidly running out and we are racing for time.

“The world has made some admirable progress, but it still falls far short of what we need. We need each other.

The prime minister emphasised that Pakistan was unable to pay for the relief and reconstruction efforts on its own. According to him, flood losses are expected to total $30 billion.

“Things won’t return to normal unless the world releases billions of dollars for relief, reconstruction, and constructing robust infrastructure.

I also need to help millions of people get back into their homes and get the economy moving again.

PM Shehbaz says international assistance for the floods is laudable but insufficient

Regarding Pakistan’s debt obligations, PM Shehbaz stated that he had urged European leaders to support their nation’s request for a moratorium with the Paris Club.

How can the world expect us to stand on our own two feet if we don’t receive meaningful relief, he questioned. “It is just not doable. The entire globe must support us.

In addition, he noted that there was a “growing chasm” between what was requested and what was offered. “All hell will loosen its grip.

” After the Paris Clubs approves the moratorium, he claimed that Pakistan would approach China about debt relief.

He mentioned that he had discussed the availability of gas with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting.

He has assured me that he will check into this without a doubt. As of yet, there is no agreement. However, since there was a wheat shortage last year and the land won’t be prepared for wheat sowing this year, we are also discussing with them the possibility of purchasing wheat.

Therefore, we would have to export wheat, which will be very expensive.

The moment has come, he continued, for the international community to turn its goodwill for Pakistan into tangible deeds that will aid in its recovery.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the information minister, gave Bloomberg anchor Sherry Ahn pictures of the prime leader before the interview.