PMO security fears develop after allegedly official audio clips surface

PMO Security

The opposition expressed serious worries about the security of the Prime Minister’s Office in response to the audios (PMO). Several government ministers argued, however, that the audios showed no evidence of misconduct.

PMO Security:

Following the release of the audios, there was a social media uproar, with many criticising the administration and expressing disbelief at how private audios had allegedly slipped from the PMO.

The leaks also covered the screens of other TV broadcasters.

The government spokesperson indicated over the phone from London that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif would decide whether to launch an investigation into the audio leaks once he returned to Pakistan.

The spokeswoman did not contest the veracity of the audio leaks.

Aurangzeb emphasised that the prime minister had not yet authorised an inquiry and said that the audio leaks were evidence of the PML-(Pakistan N’s Muslim League-Nawaz) strategy of elevating merit.

The information minister jokes, “Nowhere in those audio was anyone talking about diamonds and gifts. Under the condition of anonymity, a second cabinet member said that, from the viewpoint of the ruling party, there was nothing controversial in the audio.

Many years have passed between scandals involving audio and video leaks, yet none of these cases have ever been thoroughly investigated. The truth was always somewhere in the middle of the accusations and denials.

PMO Security
PMO security fears develop after allegedly official audio clips surface

In the most recent audio leaks, a voice claiming to be Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, told “a government official” that Maryam Nawaz was looking to import equipment from India for a power plant at Raheel’s request.

According to a media account of the audio, “the official” was informed that half of the apparatus had already arrived.

Being a close cousin of the prime minister, the issue could “wreak havoc” if it were to become known to the ECC (Economic Coordination Committee) and then the cabinet, the alleged officer was heard stating, according to the report.

After Shehbaz’s voice, who was believed to be speaking, replied that he would speak with Maryam after getting back from Turkey, the alleged official suggested referring the situation to former finance minister Ishaq Dar.

The two speakers also talk about Maryam’s request for a grid station for Raheel’s housing society in the two-minute clip. The voice identified as Shehbaz says that Maryam’s request “may be executed routinely as it is for a housing society.”

The second audio recording that leaked was allegedly between members of the federal cabinet discussing the resignation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPs and asking London for final clearance on the resignations matter.

The chat allegedly took place between former National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq, interior minister Rana Sanaullah, defense minister Khawaja Asif, law minister Azam Tarar, and others.

In the third video, a person claiming to be Maryam Nawaz is heard informing Prime Minister Shehbaz that she is appreciative of the help of someone who has been publicizing and vetting news as per her request.

The voice can also be heard berating former finance minister Miftah Ismail, who had already come under heavy fire for several of his choices regarding the nation’s economic position.