POL products’ prices: OMCs estimated to rise to Rs28.44 per liter

ISLAMABAD: Oil refineries and Oil Marketing corporations (OMCs) have calculable Prices up to Rupees 28.44 per liter raise within the costs of Petroleum oil product from August day.

POL Prices:

Based on the current rate of Petroleum levy (PL), the calculable ex-depot value of gasoline might rise by Rs 6.53 per liter, high-speed diesel (HSD) value by Rs 28.44 per liter, kerosene oil value by Rs 11.02 per liter, and light diesel oil (LDO) value by Rs 5.64 per liter.

The costs of gasoline and HSD can further increase if the government includes Rs 7 per liter petroleum dealers’ margin within the prices.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) on Thursday approved the redoubled margin of petroleum dealers from Rs 4.90 to Rs 7 per liter.

Petroleum dealers’ association known as off its strike on July month eighteen, 2022 following the government’s assurance that the margin is enforced with the result from August 1, 2022.

Hike in POL products’ costs on the cards

This projected rise in the costs would take the costs of gasoline from Rs 230.24 to Rs 236.77 per liter, HSD from Rs 236.00 to Rs 264.44 per l, SKO from Rs 196.45 to Rs 207.47 per l, and LDO from Rs 191.68 to Rs 197.32 per l.

At present, the PL on gasoline stands at Rs ten per liter, on HSD, SKO, and LDO at Rs five per liter each whereas excise tax is zero.

Finance Division on Saturday moved an outline seeking up to a calculable eleven % raise in petroleum costs with effect from August 1. As usual, the ultimate call in this regard is taken by the Prime Minister. The National Assembly approved an increase within the most limit of PL from Rs thirty per l to Rs fifty per l to attain the monetary fund target of Rs 750 billion in Finance Bill 2022-23.

Sources in Petroleum Division told this correspondent that the govt. is unlikely to fetch Rs 750 billion from PL within the current fiscal year at the present PL rate as that might change the most assortment of Rs14 billion per month. Furthermore, a revenue insufficiency of Rs forty-five billion per month would be old if the seventeen % general excise tax (GST) isn’t slapped on these products.

In the last fourteen days, international petroleum value has climbed from $101.16 per barrel to $ 107.14 per barrel. The United States of America greenback rate against the Pak rupee rose from Rs 210 on July fifteen, 2022 to Rs 238 on July 28, 2022.

Experts see Pakistan’s rate of inflation

Pakistan, already within the inside of a decade-high rate of inflation, exchange-rate crisis, and fears over its balance-of-payments position can see food and energy costs rise any with the headline inflation probably to cross 24 percent, warned economic specialists.

Wajid Rizvi, Head of Research at Tresmark analysis, in an exceedingly report, citing Eid-festivity-based seasonal rise in food inflation alongside high energy costs.

He said that Inflation is predicted to place Pakistan’s broad shopper indicant at 24.1% in July.

CPI-based inflation hit 21.3% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis in June month 2022. This was the best monthly CPI reading (YoY basis) since Dec 2008 once it had been recorded at 23.3%. Now, it’s expected to travel on the far side the 2008 level.

Inflation in Pakistan hits 21.3%

Tresmark said that it expected persistent food inflation throughout July month as a result of rising in wheat, edible oil, potatoes, onions, and different recent vegetable costs.

The reports said that we tend to inextricably link rising food inflation with seasonal demand spike of barbeque-related vegetables throughout the Eid celebration in Pakistan.

Reports additionally added that a number of it’s additionally underpinned by higher retail fuel costs that have rocketed provide prices.

Rizvi highlighted that the transmission of international oil costs, which have declined in recent weeks, remains to be seen in headline inflation.

Rupee ends 10-session depreciation run, closes at 250.

 Reports said that we’ve calculable that domestic edible oil costs usually track international oil costs, however, the impact carries a lag. at the same time, the free fall in Pak Rupee continues to step up prices whereas most domestic suppliers still hold high-value inventory, rendering it unworkable to push an immediate respite to broad inflation.

The report additionally pointed out that energy inflation continues to stay high throughout July month as retail fuel costs were revised upward whereas charging Petroleum levy.

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Reports additionally told that the period reduction in retail fuel costs becomes a locality of next month’s inflation. Consequently, a number of the respite in the transport index can erode because the government makes an attempt to extend levy.

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