Protesters hit government over gated Frere Hall playground

Protest in Karachi

Karachi Urban Lab says the government’s plan to surround Frere Hall requires a pressing warmness chance mitigation approach throughout warmness waves.

Civil society, city rights activists, and worried residents protested in opposition to the Sindh and Karachi administrations on Sunday over the set up of a gate alongside the boundary of Frere Hall’s garden.

What had met new pillars and beams to construct a gate at the Abdullah Haroon Road facet with complaints from foremost city rights activists. The protesters started the circulation isn’t surroundings pleasant and appears to be a concerted attempt to lessen or limit Karachi’s inexperienced areas.

They insisted that Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab forestall the gate’s development.

Architect and concrete planner Marvi Mazhar, one of the protest’s organizers, stated that Frere Hall is one of the maximum democratic, interactive, and well-applied public areas for all instructions in Karachi. “Neo-liberal choices of fencing, gating, arching is an act of obstruction. Protecting public areas desires debate with the public.”

Protesters stated that residents frequent Frere Hall for recreation, dialogue groups, students, and via the form means of younger TikTokers. They noted that gating, fencing, barbed-wiring, cordoning, and who can vehemently oppose such actions. They additionally said it’s miles their proper as residents to have unobstructed access to public parks.

The Karachi Urban Lab, which makes a specialty of crucial city planning, stated the government’s plan to surround the Frere Hall via fencing, gating, and charging charges flies within the face of the requires a pressing warmness chance mitigation approach throughout warmness waves.

The Frere Hall is placed withinside the city’s colonial-technology Saddar Town. The corridor is established among Abdullah Haroon Road (previously Victoria Road) and Fatima Jinnah Road (formerly Bonus Road).