PTI challenges Nine National Assembly seats by-election schedule


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday approached the Islamabad court (IHC) seeking suspension of the by-election schedule of the Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) for 9 general seats of the National Assembly (NA).

PTI Challenges NA Seat:

Advocate Faisal Chaudhry submitted that the PTI’s main petition for acceptance of all party MNA resignations were unfinished judgment before the IHC. Acting jurist Ameer Farooq on August four, in another petition of the PTI against the acceptance of resignations of its lawmakers “piecemeal”, had issued notices to Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, ECP, and also the secretary Cabinet Division.

He guided the National Assembly secretary to provide all the records within the court through an associate authorized officer.

The petition aforesaid the provision of the election schedule despite the court taking notice of the previous petition was a deliberate and malicious effort to defeat the PTI’s cause and also the respondents were sure to follow and defer to the court’s order.

The petition contends that if the election schedule wasn’t suspended, it might cause irreparable loss to the PTI and defeat the explanation for the previous petition’s unfinished judgment.

In the earlier petition, the PTI explained that the parliamentary committee of his party had determined to resign from the National Assembly together because it needed to urge a contemporary mandate however the resignations were being accepted on the premise of deciding and opting for.

It maintained that the judgmental Assembly had no authority to hold the matter of resignations unfinished. Therefore, the petitioner prayed before the court to direct the ECP to de-notify all MNAs of the PTI and declare the seats vacant.

The petition additionally added that the current speaker National Assembly had no “lawful authority or jurisdiction” to conduct the method of verification of the resignations of 123 PTI MNAs as they had already been accepted by the deputy speaker Qasim Suri.

The petition added that the impugned act of the current speaker is unsustainable being black, unconstitutional, unwarranted, malafide, discriminatory, and politically motivated. Raja Pervez Ashraf bounded to notify the resignations “en masse ” to the Election commission of Pakistan.

All the PTI lawmakers on April eleven had resigned en bloc, 2 days after former Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted from the highest workplace when the no-confidence motion affected by the combined opposition of the today’s coalition alliances within the parliament against him succeeded.

Earlier yesterday, The PTI proclaimed on its official Twitter handle that within the by-elections of nine National Assembly constituencies to persevered on September 25, Chairman Imran Khan himself can contest from all the seats.

The Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) has proclaimed that by-elections on 9 National Assembly seats that had fallen after the National Assembly speaker accepted the resignations of 9 PTI members persevered on September 25.

In a meeting with a pick group of journalists, the PTI chairman additionally aforesaid that he would contest elections from all 9 constituencies himself.

Imran Khan added more that I will contest the by-polls [to be controlled in September] myself and we’ll field a no different candidate. Let’s see who singles out and win.

He was aforesaid that the illusion of the foreign regime to disqualify him from politics is not about to be consummated despite however arduous they struggle because the individuals of the country recognize who ought to lead them as they have already tested all of them.

Khan aforesaid that he created 2 major mistakes in his political career. He aforesaid that I can’t share the primary one, however, the other was selecting Sikander Sultan Raja as chief election commissioner.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf upon presumptuous the charge of speaker National Assembly in April this year determined to verify the resignations of the 123 PTI lawmakers, by the line of work them separately or in little teams.

However, on July 27, he accepted the resignations of eleven lawmakers of the party. Ali Muhammad Khan, Fazal Muhammad Khan, Shaukat Ali, Fakhar Zaman Khan, and Farrukh Habib, Jamil Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Akram Cheema, and Abdul Shakoor Shad, Dr. Shireen Mazari, Shandana Gulzar Khan, and Ijaz Ahmed Shah are the MNAs who were de-notified from their seats.