PTI claims it will launch the anti-government action on Saturday

In his speech to the All Pakistan Lawyers Convention in Lahore, the PTI chief (Imran Khan) emphasized that civil disturbance was rapidly approaching in the nation.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank had already issued warnings about a Sri Lanka-like situation in Pakistan, he continued, if the nation was not extricated from the current economic mess that the “imported” administration had brought about.

Imran pleaded with the attorneys to swear to him that they would mobilize on his command.

He claimed that the legal profession bore a heavy burden in ensuring the country’s adherence to the justice system. At the moment, the nation is governed by the law of the jungle.

Law enforcement organizations, who are in charge of upholding the law, are doing it wrong, he insisted.

To preserve their stolen wealth, he continued, “the ‘imported’ rulers are using state machinery to stifle journalists, intellectuals, social media activists, and other opposing voices.”

The PTI leader, who was alluding to PML-N leader and former three-term prime minister Nawaz Sharif, asserted that he had never seen a circumstance when the army chief, the country’s most important post, and national security were decided upon in collaboration with an escaped convict.

I have never seen an incident when regular people were frightened by calls from unknown sources. This group is active and free to go about, he continued.

As freedom of speech is a vital right for every Pakistani citizen, Imran emphasized the importance of frightening those who would dare to intimidate others.

He asserted that Shahbaz Gill, one of his assistants, had been cruelly tortured while being held as a lesson to other prisoners.

PTI Imran Khan
PTI claims it will launch the anti-government action on Saturday

The former premier continued, saying that Gill was a teaching assistant at an American university and neither a terrorist nor a seasoned criminal who was treated inhumanely.

He argued that Pakistan, where there is no rule of law, is the only place where the alleged abuse of Gill is permissible. According to the PTI leader, there are two parallel legal systems for the powerful and the powerless.

He continued that fabricated lawsuits are being filed against [political] opponents.

He asserted that the nation’s food security was in jeopardy.

The PTI leader argued that while the wealth of foreign rulers climbed at the same pace as the rupee’s depreciation, 33% since they were “imported” into power.

He continued, “With rising unemployment rates and inflation, it’s almost impossible for regular people to make ends meet.”

Imran claimed that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, known as the “crime minister,” had begun pleading with everyone for relief for the flood victims, but no one was prepared to contribute to him anymore.

The PTI leader asserted that he could guarantee the people of Pakistan that by making investments in their homeland, Pakistanis living abroad could alter the course of their state.

But first, we must ensure that Pakistan has a strong legal system, he emphasized. Imran also met with Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab, earlier in his day-long visit to Lahore.

He also presided over a meeting of the provincial government and party leaders.

He received information on Punjab’s present political scene and the likelihood of a motion of lack of confidence against the regional government.