PTI criticizes the government for inciting “religious hatred” toward Imran

The PML-N-led ruling coalition was criticized by PTI officials for using religion as a weapon to incite and propagate animosity toward the governing party.

PTI Criticize Government:

Additionally, the majority government, particularly the PML-N, was criticized on Twitter for “blurting poisonous” misinformation about Imran Khan in an effort to make him a “boogeyman” for the populace.

They also expressed incredulity that such inflammatory statements were made on national tv.

In a media briefing in Islamabad with other PTI officials Asad Qaiser and Iftikhar Durrani, Noorul Haq Qadri claimed that the PML-N was waging a deliberate and coordinated effort to make Imran Khan unpopular with the general public.

In a news conference, PML-N leader Javed Latif accused the PTI leader of attacking the basic principles of Islam by promoting the Ahmediyya community while in office. The accusation sparked a response hours later.

Groups of Qadianis started operating in Karachi when Imran established Naya Pakistan, according to Latif. Did Imran not talk to the media to the international press in which he declared that Qadianis will be granted religious liberty?

He further requested that Imran be called before the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) to discuss the issue. Qadri condemned Latif’s comments and emphasized that he embraced Imran Khan for both his political and religious ideologies.

According to him, the president’s war was extremely risky since it would lead to armed conflict and violence. They are the ones who wish to sow discord and hatred throughout the nation, he continued.

Durrani continued by raising concerns about PEMRA’s involvement in the situation, claiming that while it had pressured TV networks to reject Imran’s telethon for flood victims, it had done nothing to stop Javed Latif from inciting religious intolerance.

He pleaded with the media outlets to refrain from airing press conferences like Javed Latif’s.

Latif’s words, according to former National Assembly leader Asad Qaiser, were an effort to incite religious animosity among the populace.

PTI Leaders
PTI criticizes the government for inciting “religious hatred” toward Imran

PTI, he claimed, is the sole movement now that represents unity because its members come from all cultural and religious groups.

You have witnessed our work for defending Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) both when we were in the administration and even now, we are here to tell you today, said Qaiser.

When it comes to the National Action Plan and the Constitution, the administration is allegedly breaking both according to former federal minister Iftikhar Durrani.

In the meantime, internet users raised fears at the “new low” and demanded that Javed Latif be punished.

Known novelist and venture capitalist Mir Muhammad Ali Khan commented on Punjab’s home and interior minister, writing that he is the Interior Minister of Punjab. Javed Latif lives in Punjab.

The broadcasting of hate speech driven by religion by PTV News for political reasons, according to Adil Raja, the permanent representative of the World Human Liberties Organization in Pakistan, is “extremely condemnable” and goes against the National Action Plan.

He stated that all of the offenders, including MNA Javed Latif, should be the subject of an FIR for using the “religious prejudice card.”