PTI is prepared to discuss if the government announces the election date said Fawad

Following a meeting of the PTI Core Committee. As a result of the nation’s current economic predicament, we have decided to call on all party leaders and workers to organize protests against price increases, Fawad stated during a news conference.

PTI Fawad CH:

The leader of the Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rashid, accompanied Fawad. We think employees should wait for an ultimate decision in September,” the PTI leader stated in reference to the government’s inaction on calling fresh elections.

Fawad said that industries were shutting and people were losing their jobs, comparing this to the rise in street crime in the nation’s largest cities. He forecast that one million more individuals would lose their jobs in the coming weeks.

Even the International Monetary Fund’s supply of funds, according to Fawad, would not be able to stabilize the markets for gold and the rupee. Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, and Miftah Ismail, the finance minister, have no plans or remedies other than to complain in press conferences.

He added that it was in Pakistan’s best interest to go with new elections without any unrest and that the PTI would not be held accountable if things became worse.

According to Fawad, the PTI core council expressed regret and anguish over the damage brought on by the floods and gave the Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa governments the task of developing strategies to distribute the funds generated by the PTI telethons to flood-affected people.

Rashid, the head of the AML, added that the current administration had failed and fallen and that the only way to solve the nation’s issues was through elections. Without providing additional information, he described the time until October 5 as significant.

PTI Fawad Ch
PTI is prepared to discuss if the government announces the election date said Fawad

As one-third of the nation was under water, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal announced that elections will be held as scheduled. Iqbal claimed that during the previous PTI administration’s four years in power, it achieved little to further the welfare of the people while speaking at a workers’ conference in Narowal (NA-72).

He charged that the PTI government’s poor governance and unscrupulous actions had destroyed institutions and brought about a host of problems for the nation.

Despite collecting record-high foreign loans, the PTI carried out no development work whatsoever in the nation.

He claimed that PTI’s bad policies contributed to the current economic predicament and that the terms of the agreement they made with the IMF were not upheld.

The PTI administration, he continued by saying offered the people nothing but empty platitudes.

He claimed that the PML-N-led federal government in power has been making difficult choices to preserve the economy.

By making such controversial judgments in the broader national interest, the PML-N was paying a heavy political price.

Iqbal claimed that the federal government was regaining the trust of foreign firms in Pakistan and that it will bring back growth and prosperity.

The minister claimed that the severe flooding had wreaked havoc in many places of the nation and that the disaster victims were seeking help from their fellow citizens, but that the PTI was conducting political rallies during these trying times for its own gain.