Pervaiz Elahi Hamza Punjab

ISLAMABAD: The stage is all set for the selection of a new administrator of Punjab, the second largest province of Pakistan.

Punjab Hamza or Pervaiz Elahi:

After the recent tremendous win of PTI in a by-election recently conducted in Punjab last week. Hoping to regaining Punjab CMSHIP, PTI is hopeful to outnumber the currently ruling party easily.

All arrangements are made to have a fair and smooth election that will elect a new administrator of Punjab. On one side we have coalition parties of PDM led by PML-N while on another side we have PTI.

PML-N lawmakers claim that it won’t be easy for an opposition party to outnumber them easily, According to sources, PML-N won’t let it make it easier for them.

Recently PTI won the majority of seats in a by-election that took place last week. Out of twenty seats, fifteen were secured by PTI, four seats went to PML-N and one seat was secured by an independent candidate.

PML-N accepted their defeat and claimed that because of taking strict decisions regarding the failing economy of the country made them disliked in eyes of the Public.

They are hopeful that they will make a come back in the general election after the economy is stabilized but now according to the Federal Finance minister they won’t hesitate to make difficult decisions if it favors Pakistan.

After this major win PTI lawmakers are happy but at the same time worried that there are high chances of horse-trading.

Keeping the previous record in mind most PTI candidates, which were later on disqualified by the supreme court made forward block and voted for the opposition party of that time making it possible for PML-N to secure a chief minister Vacancy in Punjab. It was later on challenged in the High court Lahore.

Different news is speculating that the ruling party is offering lavish monetary offers to candidates for helping them win this election.

PTI lawmakers will soon inform the supreme court regarding unlawful horse trading of Lawmakers in Punjab.

To prevent the approach of other parties to their members for horse-trading, the majority of PTI lawmakers has been shifted to a local hotel and from there they will move for Cheif Minister Election.

PML-N member Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha claims that PTI lawmakers are not in favor of Parvez Elahi being a Chief Minister of Punjab and they will not cast vote in his favor. Remember that C. Parvez Elahi is a candidate for Chief Minster Seat from the PTI side.

According to PTI member, C. Fawad other side is making huge offers to their members, which is just playing with their nerves in considering sides they have to vote for.

Supreme Court will soon be updated regarding the current situation on going in Punjab.

Now time will tell on 22nd July 2022 who will win this election and what will be the possible outcome of this election.

Whether it will further create chaos in Punjab or will it stabilize the current unstable political situation. Whether Lawmakers will choose money over ideology or will they listen to their inner calling and vote for their party.