The Pakistani and Chinese militaries discussed cooperation on defense, DGISPR


In conjunction with the meeting of the Pakistan China Joint Military Cooperation Committee (PCJMCC), which has an apex committee, a high-ranking Pakistani delegation comprised of senior military officers from the Pakistan army, navy, and air force attended the meeting in China. The group includes Pakistan’s army commander and China’s deputy chairman of the Central Military Commission.

In addition to the top Chinese generals, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa attended the apex committee meeting on Sunday as a member of the tri-service delegation.

China and the United States are now at an all-time high regarding military tensions, and this high-level military encounter was timely.

They met in Singapore earlier this week on the margins of a regional security summit and traded barbs over several matters, including Taiwan and the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

The West has also pressured Pakistan to shift its position in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Even with the change of leadership, Islamabad has walked a tightrope.

China’s military and other government ministries said in a statement released by military media wing ISPR on Sunday that the three-service delegation had extensive conversations with them.

On June 12, Pakistan’s army leader, Gen. Bajwa, and the Vice Chair with China’s Central Military Commission, Gen. Zhang Youxia, conducted the apex committee meeting.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations, the two nations addressed their views on the current state of the world and regional security. They expressed their pleasure with the level of defense cooperation between them.

According to the report, Pakistan and China reaffirmed their strategic alliance in these difficult times and agreed to maintain frequent exchanges of viewpoints on subjects that concern both countries. Both sides agreed to further their counterterrorism training, technology, and coordination across the three branches of the armed forces.

Because of the rapid pace of change, observers feel military diplomacy and military-to-military collaboration are becoming more critical.

Only Pakistan’s current army commander has been invited to China by the Chinese president.

PCJMCC has an apex committee, Pakistan and China’s highest military cooperation organization. This visit is part of the PCJMCC.

In addition to Joint Cooperation Military Affairs (JCMA), the committee includes two subcommittees: Joint Cooperation Military Equipment and Training (JCMET) (JCMET).

China-Pakistan relations have improved dramatically in recent years, particularly in defense.

Pakistan’s military currently depends significantly on Chinese weaponry. J-10 fighter planes were just recently sent to Pakistan by China. China’s military has sent the jets to Pakistan, the only nation to receive them since their admission into the Chinese armed forces.

To keep the relationship between China and the West in check, there have been calls for Pakistan to do so. Due to US geopolitical interests in the area and the possibility of a new cold war, Pakistan is finding it more challenging to maintain this equilibrium. Pakistan