Types of Depression


Depression is a type of disease that affects your mood and ability to do work. It can affect your brain continuously. The main symptoms of depression are feeling sad, anxious, and hopeless. It can also cause due to too much thinking, memory, eating, and sleeping.

It can make a big problem, when you think about any things for many days, you felt sad and, have too much sleep and a loss of interest in activities. The treatment is very important for depression. However, treatment on time is very important for this, because it can get worse and last longer.

When it can worsen, it can cause death or serious diseases. Therefore, treatment on time is very important for depression. It can make common now a day, this is found in almost every person. So, its treatment is very important, otherwise, you may lose your life soon.

Some Main Types of depression:

There are many types of depression according to symptoms and causes.

Major Depression:

Major depression can make worse when it is longer than two weeks. Its symptoms change with everyday life. It looks different in different people, it can depend on, how can you feel.

Major depression has many common symptoms. Your weight loss or gain and you can lose interest in the pleasures of life. You have trouble sleeping or you feel sleepy during the daytime.

Its main symptom is feeling tired and you can feel your body has no more energy. You can also feel worthless or guilty. You can face trouble in making decisions. Its most dangerous and common symptom is thinking about suicide.

Persistent Depression:

The depression that you have 2 years longer or more is called persistent depression. It is also known as dysthymia. This depression sometimes depends on mood, which ranges from up to low depressive periods.
The main symptoms of persistent depression is, not eating enough or overeating. Sometimes you sleep too much or less sleeping. In this depression, you have a lake of energy and fatigue.

Bipolar Depression:

This depression is also called manic depression. Your medications can help you for bringing your mood is under control. When you are in up and low periods your medication suggests a mood stabilizer.
Therefore, there is no proof to cure this depression of drugs. Medications prescribe some labeled drugs for bipolar depression. A small percentage of people can have this bipolar depression.

Seasonal Affective Depression:

It is a period of major depression that can happen during the winter months. It can happen when days are long and you get less and less sunlight. It typically goes away in the summer and spring.

For this depression, you must need light therapy. You can also sit in the sunlight for gaining light. You have to need to sit in front of a special bright light for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Situational Depression:

This is not a technical term, but many people have this type of depression. In this depression, you can have a depressed mood, when you have trouble managing a stressful event in life.

This is due to some depressive conditions such as a death in your family, divorce, and losing your job. The medications call this depression “stress response syndrome”. Physiotherapy is very helpful for this depressive condition.

Typical Depression:

You can improve this depression through positive events. A positive event can change your thinking and your mental health. Its main symptoms are increased appetite and sleeping more than usual.

You can also feel heavy in your arms and legs. Antidepressants can help you to beat this type of depression. Your medication can suggest you the first-line treatment for this.

Treatment-Resistant Depression:

Many people try several methods to treat depression without success. If you also do this, you have treatment-resistant depression. For many reasons, your depression might be treatment-resistant.
For example, you may have many other conditions that make your depression difficult to treat. For this type of depression, your medication recommended you some less conventional treatment options.

Final words:

In the above discussion, we discussed all the types of depression. We also discuss its symptoms and treatments. All types of depression are different in different people. Some types are very common and almost everyone has these symptoms.
If you have any type of symptoms you just need to go on medications on time. If your depression comes to 15 or 30 days long, it can dangerous for your life. Treatment on time is very important for your mental and physical health.