US Delegation To Support Flood Relief Efforts

US Flood

A US Congress delegation visited Pakistan in the most alarming situation to assist all of the people who are in danger and struggling for their lives.

US Support Flood:

The US has put forward a hand by delivering helpful services to Pakistan. It proved that the US would stand as a partner with Pakistan through this extreme situation.

The flooding occurred after heavy rains that lasted for months and affected over 30 million people in Pakistan. This created many problems for residents, including food shortages and unemployment.

The delegation helped to coordinate relief efforts and helped to provide food, water, and medical supplies as well as provide training on how to respond to future disasters.

The Congresswoman named Sheila quoted that it was the first-ever delegation that was sent to Pakistan in such a deadly flood situation. She also said that this was undoubtedly a devastating flood in history.

Furthermore, she said that this delegation was proof that the US will stand through thick and thin with Pakistan. As this was the most difficult time in which millions of lives were at risk.

She also added that almost 33 million Pakistanis were stranded due to such an extreme overflow of the water. And almost 70,000 women were expected who gave birth in the most difficult situation with no medical assistance at all.

Moreover, the US has also said that it was deeply feeling for Pakistan in such a difficult time. As this was the most destructive flood in the history of the country.

US Flood
Us Delegation To Support Flood Relief Efforts

A tweet was posted by Vedant Patel (a spokesperson of the US) in which he said that the US is affected very deeply and it is very saddened by the flooding in Pakistan. He also offered to provide food items and other deliverables to the affected regions.

Another helpful act of the US was that it assures in a statement to provide Pakistan with $30 million for life-saving and other needs for the victims of the flood.

Furthermore, it was written in the statement that the US will surely be there to provide the food and basic items and would prioritize Pakistan’s disastrous situation.

Every Type of support will be provided by Us whether it is required for sanitation, safe water purpose, food items, or even hygiene facilities.

Therefore Pakistan is very thankful to the US government for giving a helping hand in such a difficult time. A lot of lives as we all know are at stake and any helping hand could make a difference for sure. And it also contributes a lot in the relations of Pakistan with the US.

The president of Pakistan said that he is thankful for all those who have helped him during this time. He also thanked the US government for sending its delegation to help him during this difficult time.